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Ignore the corny-ass title and take a look at this article published by 1UP how about things could of been if Microsoft would of taken Rockstar's proposal. According to Dean Takahasi, author of the "Xbox 360: Uncloaked" book, The big MS was offered an exclusive agreement with Rockstar to produce the GTA series on Microsoft's little machine. However a third party developers' organization known as The Star Chamber (who represents Microsoft's developer division) declined this offer and stated they needed to make a clean image for themselves. It's an intresting retrospective read on how things could of been in the GTA community.

Takahashi said: "It wasn't Microsoft's kind of game, since it was a gritty crime game with foul language, abusive treatment of women, and cop killing. Microsoft had a corporate image to maintain and, like Electronic Arts, it avoided that category."

Full Article

(Sony Fanboys: Don't take hostility to this article because it would of been the same outcome if Microsoft would of taken Rockstar's offer.)
I heard about that a while ago, fucked up..
Eh, jut coz GTA is also on 360 that won't turn people away from a better console.
gta is still on XBox, its not as though having gta exclusive would do any more 'damage' to their image
I Made Your Mom In GMod
Pssh, it's no wonder M$ phail.
so what if Take 2 games did not let Bungie go PS fans would have had the chance of playing Halo
QUOTE('Pilot Lazz @ May 18 2006, 03:03 PM) [snapback]1155774[/snapback]

Pssh, it's no wonder M$ phail.

If you call fail having 95% market share of the OS's on computers then yes...........................

EA have made there own image, and it is shit.
Jose Chung
smile.gif Pretty interesting piece. Missed opportunity for those guys... ah well, life's full of 'em.

One nitpick, because I'm a grammar Nazi... It's "would HAVE," "should HAVE" and "could HAVE," not "would OF," "should OF" and "could OF."

I know, I suck. But I may as well rescue the English language, one website at a time. (Don't even get me started on bloggers who spell "whoa" as "woah." It's "w-h-o-a," peeps.)
Bitch Heartless
i never heard of this before but dont really matter anyways the game still come out for xbox anyways.
QUOTE(~LilTermite~ @ May 18 2006, 11:48 PM) [snapback]1156086[/snapback]

i never heard of this before but dont really matter anyways the game still come out for xbox anyways.

Yea, at least they were lucky to still get that lol
Fido 14
I don't blame R*. They went to Microsoft first so they could get more money. It all comes down to the money.
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