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Professional Painting Effect
Tips courtesy of Ender™

IPB ImageIPB Image

As you may know I consider myself an avid Photoshopper, but this of course is my first tutorial so be patient. For this tutorial, you will need
Photoshop and a real image. This is an effect done without filters, so it won't be a 10 minute job. But the final product will look much better.
A picture of a person is a good start. It doesn't really matter what the quality is, so don't be too picky. For this tutorial I will be using a poster from Aeon Flux.

IPB Image
Notice the crappy quality of it? Not a problem.

Select the Smudge tool IPB Image
and try to match these settings:
IPB Image
The size of the brush isn't really that big of a deal, but generally the smaller you get the more detailed and realistic the picture will be. In most cases you don't want to keep it as realistic as possible. We will be varying modes between "Lighten" and "Darken" so it doesn't matter which one you start with. Set the strength somewhere between 15-18.

Now the general idea behind what we're doing is smudging the entire picture from top to bottom, once in "Lighten" mode, and another time in "Darken" mode. So, pick anywhere in the picture, and start smudging. I generally choose the face first when doing a person. Keep in mind that when you're going over hard edges, try to move the Smudge tool right along the edge.

IPB Image
When doing the skin, you can try to keep a circular pattern, so that it blends better.

IPB Image
When going over arms, primarily move the tool across in a curved motion. You can all go up and down later for better blending. (As I did in the picture)

IPB Image
When going over the pants, primarily move the tool up and down along the shape of the legs. Slightly going across later is also a good idea.

IPB Image
The hair is what really sets it apart. Make sure you're moving along the hair, not up/down or straight across.

That's basically all you need to do. Make sure that you do an area with the mode set as "Lighten", and do the same exact thing with the "Darken" mode set.
It's imperative that you do this, or the image will have blotchy parts of light and dark color. When you finish smudging, for a better effect you can duplicate
the layer and set it to "Soft Light" in the Layer Mode (Or any other mode). You can also apply a gaussian blur to it for a hazy look.
Obviously the more sloppy you get the more it will look like a painting, depending on your taste. This is trial and error so practice at it and
you'll get a lot better. Of course it doesn't compare to making the painting all by yourself, but it's a start.

Here is the finished product:
IPB Image

Same effect, different picture. I skipped over the text and stuff, but you get the idea.
IPB ImageIPB Image
I like this a lot, and i am actually going to be able to use it.
I don't get why people get paid so much to do that it looks completly fake.

It is a good tutorial though.
Wow, that's really awesome, especially the before and after pictures. I like how you chose a not so good quality picture to begin with. I'll give it a go.
Try to keep in mind that when you use the smudge stick, you gotta go up and down, back and forth over the same areas, like you would if you were coloring with a crayon.

Also I found out that you don't necessarily need to use a circular motion with the skin, some parts look better with it than others.

Glad you liked the tut, I might try to get it on or something.
I know this is a mjor bump, but its a good tut, and posting in anything here is a bump.

Heres my try at that photo, not as good, but oh well.

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