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Full Version: A cheat to use on "supply lines" on PS2 definately worked Forums > GTA4.TV/ Archive > Old Forum Archive (Read Only) > GTA Old Gen > GTA 3D > Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Well I got to supply lines and got stuck, and the breaking point came when i killed all five delivery boys and was flying home and ran out of fuel. I decided to attempt a button cheat to put this ugliness behind me. Well, destroy all cars didnt work, nor did "vehicles wont stop for anything" (hoping traffic might mow them down for me), then i tried the time cheats. Slowing gameplay down cheat had an odd effect: I ran out of fuel before I could fly to the furthest delivery vans. Then i realized the plane and world was slowed down, but the fuel consumption (more like a timer) was not. Then i put in the speed up gameplay cheat and I was able to wipe out all five vans before i was at half fuel. It was like doubling the fuel supply! The plane handling was kinda crazy, but for some reason the delivery guys went down easy. The two doods on the motorbike, which i hate the most, went down in a good strafe. I hope this helps somebody and ill post news if this one cheat kills my game somehow. I saved it in a different slot, so if the worst happens ill have to start over in San Fierro. Curse you Berkley!!!!!!
These three missions are easiest and fun to do, i did this mission in first attempt with more then half fuel left without using any kind of cheats. If you have played Vice City and can control RC Baron well then there is no way having trouble with it. tongue.gif
i heard that if u roll on the ground then u wont lose fuel.
hmm. gd find but i dont cheat
whelp no glitches yet, but im not up to mad dog quite yet. Im finished with San Fierro except for the races and am in the heist strand. Nothing unusual to report.
Well just did Madd Dogg and nothing happened. He jumped properly, i caught him on the first try and even got his drunk self to the hospital without scratching the truck. And this is with the "CHEAT ACTIVE" warning coming up every time i save. I guess end of the line will be the telling tale.
If you install the GTASA control center and press the Clear Cheated "Status" And "Count" button, you won't see the cheat activated message anymore.
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