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GTA:SA Addict
I cant describe this place really but youll get were i know the mission were you have to take maria to that party...thats like a dock place...anyway along that road theres several hangers just plced there for show there like garages...but the doors dont of them u can drive through the door...i used it as a garage but u cant store cars in it cause they disappear after awhile so you'll have to store Rhinos in it...
I havn't heard about this glitch before. Thank you, it was a nice find.
Great find ph34r.gif
Bitch Heartless
Thats a good find ill look into it later
GTA:SA Addict
I just rebought the game yesterday...i found this glitch out about 3 years ago...its pretty cool
Hold up. I went through all of the garages and non of them worked. Are you sure about this?
I never heard about it before. Nice find.
i found that years ago,

Sorry mate

Its location - its the gararge on liberty city stories that vincenzo chilli works at,

note - it is solid on the pc version ( i think )
I think it's solid on the PC version since I have the PC version, and it didn't work.
old old old find

still nice to know people are finding it though
I've known about this since the day GTAIII came out.

I always thought of it as a "secret garage".
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