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First, from the ashes of sa-mp comes a brand new multiplayer mod, GTAMultiplayer. They have just released a video showing the excellent mod, and say that it is around 75% finished.

IPB Image

Visit the official GTAMultiplayer site Here for more information. You can also download the video in the media area.

Also, another mod called GTA Rumble has been released, and is played by many members of our forums. It is an excellent multiplayer mod with many vehicles and is very smooth if you can find a decent low ping server. Download the mod from the Rumble Website, in the downloads section.
Pure amazement cool.gif Looks awesome, can't wait until its completed biggrin.gif
i use GTA Rumble and its pretty good

You can find me in this server (its not mine)

Server IP:
Port: 2020
Ah, good old GTANet. Lookin spiffy

*runs into shadows like a bat out of hell*
ive herd about enough,i really want gta pc and prolly get it for christmas
I think i'll buy gtaIV now i have a much more powerful PC!

lol what was that post above me all about anyway!
It was spam.

I'd just like to add that I play SA:MP quite often, if anyone wants to play then give me a shout. smile.gif
I used to love it online. I still have SA somewhere. Might have to boot it up one day, see how bad it looks graphicly lol.
I enjoyed making my own race tracks, that was the best.
Ah SAMP, me and a mate had a couple weeks of playing it solidly a little while back, it's still pretty fucking fun and some of the maps are clever. sesh on it at some point me thinks tongue.gif (Fuck IV when you can have SA!)
Sounds good to me ^
I prefered MTA: SA race mod...

its actually one of the games ive played the most...
I liked both. I had loads of fun playing them at different times.
I remember the crazy amount of hours that people from this site used to play, I don't remember whether it was on MTA or SAMP tho sad.gif

QUOTE(D-O @ Dec 24 2005, 06:58 AM) [snapback]1038096[/snapback]
ive herd about enough,i really want gta pc and prolly get it for christmas

lol @ noob DO
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