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Stypex The Point Before Death
okay i dont know if this has already been a topic or whatever, and this may sound really stupid, but who the fuck is Darkel and what game is he from?
Darkel was a character who was supposed to be in GTA III. He was supposed to have a mission in the game where you crash into Donald Love's building with a dodo. Darkel got removed from the game because of the terrorist attack in USA.
ohmy.gif Sounds like he would have been cool. Never heard that one.
neither have I
Stypex The Point Before Death
ohmy.gif no shit! i did hear soemthing about GTA3 supposed to have a part where soembody crashes a plane into a building but i thought it was all bullshit. thats insane, whered you hear this shit? is there a site or soemthing where i can check all this shit out?
6 shooter
I found some links on Darkel:

In French

...and in English

On that second site, press CTRL+F and search for Darkel, and you'll find this:

Another mission source is a street urchin named Darkel (according to Game Informer, he will be replacing the Kill Frenzies that were in GTA and GTA2). Darkel is a rather odd addition who asks you to commit various random acts of violence. One such act mentioned in the IGN preview is to steal an ice cream truck, load it with dynamite, and then set off the bomb after attracting a large enough crowd.

When you take a look at the man himself, you gotta regret he eventually didn't appear in the game, he'd sure make it even gloomier than it was.
Stypex The Point Before Death
its too bad they didnt keep him in the game, he wouldve made a nice addition.
Yeah, all true stuff. He was originaly meant to be positioned in the centre of the three or four hobos in the old tunnel under Slavatore shouse in Portland. He was replaced by either a hidden package or absolutely nothing.
Yea. This is all pretty interesting. Maybe Rockstar will eventually re-release a full version of GTAIII. We can only hope.
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