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I see a bunch of people making complicated sigs these days. They work so hard on the background and everything, but the funny thing is, they don't even bother to add a border.

Remember this: borders make the sig 35% better and makes you look 99% better.

It takes two seconds.

Do this to add a simple, one pixel border.

1.Layer..> New Layer.. Label it border.
2. Select All...
3. Edit> Stroke... Make sure the color on the bottom of the small window that just popped up is black. Also, make sure the option of the stroke is "inside" and at 100% opacity.

...and Voila.

(Make sure to put your border on the top of the layers order! Pictures going over the borders look herendous (spl?).
1.) Why the Hell have you got DuffMan's sig?

2.) That sucks. Mine is better:

  • New layer
  • Select > All
  • Edit > Stroke > Black > 5px > Centre
  • Edit > Stroke > White > 3px > Centre
  • Edit > Stroke > Black > 1px > Centre
Much better I think you'll find.

N.B And please remove Duffman's sig. It looks good with him, but you - no.
Duff said he could use it, I thought it was a bit weird aswell.

Meh simple tut still good for PS newbies though
Hmm, I must be doing it the wrong way all I do is

Select Image
and Click Add border.
What program do you use?
lmfao,sometimes recently i jsut opean it in paint and zoom in,and use the line tool to add a border
QUOTE(Gnarkill @ Nov 9 2005, 08:08 AM) [snapback]988611[/snapback]

What program do you use?

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8
Oh right. For that you do just go Image > Add border

But you repeat it for however many pixels you want the border to be.
QUOTE(D-O @ Nov 8 2005, 05:12 PM) [snapback]988671[/snapback]

lmfao,sometimes recently i jsut opean it in paint and zoom in,and use the line tool to add a border

lol I do that too, but Ill give this a try.
it works (thanx im noob! hate me)
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