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Well i have know this around about 1 half years now and i haven't even played gta vc in a year well here is the news if you go to leaf links and piss of the guards standing at the serch bit they chase after you and one even comes after you with a comet well i parked a hunter there for a laugh and he aculy got into it only problem is he would not fly it just sit there but some thing is weird because you know if you do the flying cars cheat and get in a chopper you can sit there with out that massive glich happening (which causes the game to crash) but if you hit the x or □ button or pull back on the analog stick the glitch happens.Well when he gets into the chopper the glitch happens but he dont take off so he must be acclerating to make the glich happen but in turn he should take off u get what i mean??
*sighs* No.It was kinda hard to understand, but if what you're talking what I think you're talking about, then it's cool, gotta try that.
*And I thought I used run-on sentences.*
Lol I am going to try that though and see what happens.
yeah the ai can't fly helicopters
What would you do if he could fly? He'd just fly away and you'd wanna follow him, that'd be kinda cool seeing a foolish AI person trying to fly a helicopter while angry. I mean, have you seen the crazy shit angry pedestrians do when they drive really fast like mad! Imagine it in a helicopter lol roll2.gif
QUOTE(mrMISDEMEANOR @ Oct 30 2005, 06:07 PM) [snapback]978018[/snapback]

*And I thought I used run-on sentences.*
Lol I am going to try that though and see what happens.


Thanks Mr. English Teacher!
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