1)create a layer behind the image, then get a brush and outline the image, then goto filter>liquify and just give it a flame type appearance.

2)then duplicate the layer, then on the new layer, liquify it abit more and then change its color( you can do this by going to blending options>color overlay)

3)repeat step 2 again.

filter>gausion blur all the layers and you've made the aura i did around him. smile.gif

now you can experiment with different color combinations and opacity.

i did alot of liquifying in this signature as you can see(the white things around the text i diddnt make though.)

IPB Image

the spots are easy, just create a new layer, use a 1px brush and click at random places, then try using a 6px brush and put some around in empty spaces. Then right click on that layer and add outer glow, modify the color and size, etc. and your done.

IPB Image

for the pictures lighting, just duplicate that layer and then goto filter>gaussion blur and then set that layer style to overlay.

so it turns from this:
IPB Image
to this:
IPB Image

anyway thats all ill explain for now, maybe..tongue.gif