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IPB Image

There it is. So yeh, rate/hate
I'm pretty proud at this one, I think it's my best yet happy.gif
I commented on it on msn, I don't think I rated though.

Anyway 7/10.
Actually, you rated it, but didn't comment wink.gif
yep 9/10!


the way the render sticks out

the text, put it in the sig, not out!

QUOTE(FX @ Oct 17 2005, 07:51 PM) [snapback]961301[/snapback]

I commented on it on msn, I don't think I rated though.

Anyway 7/10.

QUOTE(Nostracacious @ Oct 17 2005, 07:54 PM) [snapback]961303[/snapback]

Actually, you rated it, but didn't comment wink.gif

Rofl Fuck Sakes FX. Fuck sakes.......................


Use it. Yep. USE IT. Please take off that Veyron sig now.

Back to the sig:

Nice pop out thingy on top and bottom, i dont know what it is but it looks cool, but im also assuming that you got it already cut out or something. wink.gif
The Background is ok but still a little boring. Also that border needs working on.
Putting the text up there is original, but maybe its too high up.

Use it though, hell even just have your sig empty, just dont use that Veyron sig.

Anyway: 6/10
Mech is starting to sound like Noiz... Not that it's a bad thing though.
Will put the text a bit lower. Will work on the border, and put something in the bg so it looks a bit more interesting.
mech always sounded like noiz, just the agitated pissed off version of noiz(like me for the past week or two), so he always had a bit shorter critics. But oh hell he sounds like noiz, at least with some thoughts about the shitty state of this section.
*yells (like noiz)*

The I don't like the text, why is it so far up there? Maybe if it was resting just above the box but even so. The pop-ups don't look like they pop up, I don't know it just doesn't look like they are coming out of the sig, maybe it's the border you've got, I don't know. I don't like the red and orange you would think it'd work, but alas no. Make another sig...
8/10, that's kool...
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