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Full Version: Fuggin AWSOME GTA3 pics/wallpapers! Forums > GTA4.TV/ Archive > Old Forum Archive (Read Only) > GTA Old Gen > GTA 3D > Grand Theft Auto III
Some of you may have already seen these but I thought I'd post them anyways cuz I LOVE em' Jumpy.gif

What do you guys think?(rate 0 through 10 if you like)
And if they stretch the page out too mush, just let me know and I'll make them into thumbnails.
Second one is my current wallpaper, one of the best GTA pics I've seen in years.(I mostly like it cuz the cop is all eyein' that gun tongue.gif)
And even though its just a tiny little detail, I like that newspaper at the bottom of the first pic, just looks cool IMO.

Pics too big, changed to text links.
I like how you can tell that the cop cars are made out of Ford Crown Vic's...
I think they are pretty fuckin sweet!
nice smile.gif thas my background thanks to you smile.gif
Sweet. Those are beta GTA 3 pics, right?
Sweet. Those are beta GTA 3 pics, right?

meh, i wudnt bet on it, looks like sum1 has created a very high quality image, inteanding to be GTA 3
Knocc Out
wow, those pics look nice, except the facez look like they are constipaited..But w/e there cool..
u can find those pics by searching GTA3 on google

not a big deal...
Stypex The Point Before Death
its too bad the games dont really have graphics that nice. now THAT would be "fuggin awesome"!
Probably what PS3 graphics will look like...
nice pics
all they did was render the game models with high res textures in 3dsmax or something similer.
They look good though.
by the way, ps3 graphics will be better than that smile.gif
pretty awesome
GTA III Artwork

There's some beta screenshots & models too. Looks nice.
Thats a good site!
Killa A
beta ones looked better. =/
Ferrari X
A ford van wit banshee rims
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