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Hello lads and ladies...

Im just new here and I just want to introduce my opinion on the GTA Vice City... I first played it 2 years ago (well nearly) in the winter and it really changed my gaming style. It was the most innovative and striking game after a long time. The rest had something typical about them; it just never totalled together.

Vice City was like a dream because its realism and the cutting limits in gameplay i believe is enjoyed the most.

How did any of you feel when you first played ViceCity? lamo.gif
Well, as a younger, less GTA-addicted me, I remember asking for a PS2 and VC for Christmas (which I got biggrin.gif). I remember that the colours, the music and the whole damn thing just appealed to me.

It basically got me into the GTA circles on th'interweb.

I got to 99% on that game and couldn't find the last damn hidden package, so I started over.

On 15/7/04, I got 100% biggrin.gif

And really I still think it's better than SA.
I love to play GTA vice city its so wierd going from VC to SA the style of SA just isnt as good in my opinion i actually baught an Airsoft gun vurses San Andreas, I already have VC and thats all i need for now, and honestly i cant remeber the vary first time i played VC.
I got GTA III and GTA: Vice city on christmas about 2-3 years ago. I still remember how I first played GTA III for a while. Then I changed to Vice, but while playing it I noticed that I liked more GTA III. So I switched back happy.gif
Toge? is the you underneath all that wigga'ness lol jk, but ya VC is a really fun game im sure that i would buy it again! dry.gif
im into SA a lot now, but Vice City was my first PS2 game, so it's special to me. I never forgot it, and it has a more unique type of play than SA, but I dont think its better.
QUOTE(Night-Z @ Oct 2 2005, 08:56 AM) [snapback]938116[/snapback]

How did any of you feel when you first played ViceCity? lamo.gif

Felt like it was boring, but after I beat and played the last mission, it became my favorite GTA.
Where to start..Keep in mind I played GTA3 breifly, and mostly cheeted druing the few missions it did do...
Dint play VC at all... then my Roomate got GTA SA for xmas... and Ive been on SA since....

I have recently accuired Vice from my cuz... I am about half way thru the colonel's missions then I am heading to do Avery's missions
Initally I was having beef with the No-swimming option (I mean its Miami right?) Water=Wasted! sux!
and then when I couldnt climb up the fence to get my pcj that projected over a wall in a crash, I knew I was in for trouble...(Especially when I lost life after falling!)
Now Dont get me wrong, its still good ol' GTA, and Vice seems to have the best storyline of the three...

but it was tough to go bak in time to the 80's with less to do....(character ability wise anyhow...)
I think I was setting myself up since SOOOOOO many peeps say that VC is the best and some say By FAR!
I happen to think the little things like swimming and climing make SA alittle more realisitic, and the ped interaction is a nice touch too, SA seemed easier to pick up and play. and I love the fact that you can use R3 to move the camera!

On the Plus side obviously the Story is great hands down, and Vercetti has ties to liberty...
The Graffix and game play are real solid, Bikes are cool, but I got a taste in SA...(I wish Vercetti had the Skill meters)
But enough bitching I guess I like SA so much its tough to get into this one...
Iwill get on it heavy this weekend...
Go go Vercetti
The site's 2nd resident BMXer

better music, better feel, more relaxed, cooler gun shots, and it's in the eighties drool.gif

too bad i wasn't alive in that era i should've been born earlier
The Nemes°s
rofl i l remember trying to hunt sharks in VC and the golfers that secretly harboured guns in the pants. Scary old people, now i carry a 12 gauge every time i go to a golf course.
you people that think its boring now liked it when it came out and you know it lol
but that annoyed me how every1 loved VC and then once SA came out it was suddenly 'boring' maybe compared to SA but its a great game!
Meyer Lansky
yeah its a good game
The Butcher
I like both VC and SA. But i hate all the flying missions.

Trying to get my hands on GTA III right now.
Imo Vice city was a great game. SA hasn't got the same feeling except if you run it on highest graphic with anti aliasing. It might sound stupid but it's true. The only things I miss from VC is: Cuban hermes, VCPR and the angel.

i remember GTA coming out and i brought it on its release date,well my dad did so and i was waiting oimpatiently while he was getting home from work with the game for me.

the faggio was the first thing i rode,i loved VC

i had gta3 and vice city at that time and the step up from 3 to VC was awesome! i never got to 100% cause my house got robbed and my ps2 and every game got stolen sad.gif that didnt bother me but i was my memory card that i was upset about most.

when i brought a new ps2 later on in the year i borrowed VC off my friend and got 100%, i lvoed the feel for vice still meaning to buy VC and 3 again but since san andreas i know there features will never match it and theres still other things im wanting to purchase first like PSP and LCS.

but anyway i still think VC has the best feel to it,i did like gta3s feel but since it was NYC it was a dark abck alley feel in most of portland where as VC is bright colours,80s..fucking brilliant
Yeah, Vice City had the best storyline and the feeling that Tommy was the man and no one could stop him, GTA3 was the same feel, but it didn;t have the flash as VC did, and San Andreas is good in all but I think the story line was the worst out of the three because it jumped all over too much and didn't have the twist that VC had. You knew what the final mission was in SA and GTA3 at the 1/4 through the game, but not VC, it kept you wanting more.
You should try SA if you haven't already.
i doubt theres anyone here that hasnt played SA
VC was the best game out of all the GTA games. Cool music, cool storyline, cool characters ect.
if you think this is good you must have never seen san andreas.
QUOTE(The-real-deal @ Nov 8 2005, 05:31 PM) [snapback]988353[/snapback]

if you think this is good you must have never seen san andreas.
he propably didn't roll2.gif
QUOTE(The-real-deal @ Nov 8 2005, 04:31 PM) [snapback]988353[/snapback]

if you think this is good you must have never seen san andreas.

Ha ha ha good joke wink.gif

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