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Yesterday I broke my elbow joint. This is what happened.

As usual I rode home from school on my bike. I was going at a speed of about 35km/h or ~20 mph, pretty fast, as always. About 1km away from home, infront of the village where I live I was about to overtake a girl. We drive on the right here in Holland so when we overtake someone we pass someone on the left. This girl (14-15 y/o) was riding on the left however, so I had to pass her on the right. When I got closer, about a metre away from her she suddenly steered back to the right! Trying not to hit her I steered to the right as well, while hitting the brakes fully. This happened in a corner too, I was going too fast to prevent something happening, so I drove up the ramp that separates the main road from the road for cyclists, as shown in this picture.


I got catapulted off my bike and landed on my elbow and the side. My side is bruised and my elbow joint is broken. That last thing hurts like hell >_< Fortunately there was no traffic in the opposite direction so I didn't get hit by a car as well.

Now I look like this:


Both me and the girl were wrong. I shouldn't have passed her on the right, but she shouldn't have ridden on the left. What's so stupid is, she heard I fell off my bike onto the road and she didn't turn around to see if I was ok, she rode on home and didn't come to check on me at all! That's a good example of antisocial behaviour. Many people came to look quickly and a few people had stopped their cars to help me. Someone dialed 112 (in Holland, equivalent of 911) and within a short 10 minutes there were policemen and an ambulance. My mother and brother had been alerted by some girls that had went to my place so they got there right after the ambulance and police dudes were there. The ambulance personnel lifted me on a stretcher and drove me and my brother to the hospital.

In the hospital I got treated quite quickly. They took some X-Ray photos of my shoulder, neck and elbow. A sexy nurse helped me all the time smile.gif. When my photos were being looked at by physicians they told me I had a ''radiuskop fractuur'', which comes down to a broken elbow joint. I needed to get bandages and shit, which I have to wear for the next 6 weeks. That sexy nurse put them on slowly and gently...mmmm...Damn she was fine wub.gif

Well, now I'm at home because this shit hurts too much to go to school with. Just felt like sharing this with y'all. happy.gif
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Dude you should do something about it come on that chick just rode off? that is selfish.
QUOTE(Napoleon @ Sep 29 2005, 12:16 AM)
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Exactly what i would have done if i seen it and didnt know you. happy.gif

what a bitch though, to just ride off and not even look back or check up on you.

Hope you get well soon. smile.gif
SEB Soldier
Damn, hope you get well soon ! The only thing I broke in my life is my wrist on the right hand, and it hurt lot's too sad.gif
You busted your elbow? One of the worst places to break in my opinion...

And what a bitch she was for not turning back to check you out and see if you're OK...mind you, this is what the world has come to....
I hope you'll get better soon sad.gif That girl is such a bitch to ride of like that :/
QUOTE(CygnusX @ Sep 29 2005, 12:12 PM)

and which dutch village would that be?

ben ook nler namelijk
QUOTE(Napoleon @ Sep 29 2005, 08:16 PM)
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What a dumb bitch, if you see her again, what I susguest is to go near her and push her off and ride off. Hope you get better
Eh, last night she and her mother came to apologize and see how I was doing. Seems they're nice people after all. smile.gif
Hope u get better. errr! by the way, what about the nurse? Have you heard of her lately? unsure.gif
QUOTE(CygnusX @ Sep 30 2005, 12:21 PM) [snapback]935568[/snapback]

Eh, last night she and her mother came to apologize and see how I was doing. Seems they're nice people after all. smile.gif

ehhhh, she still rode off without checkin up on you. She had to be told to come back. dry.gif
Ha ha, lightweight. I've broken my nose, my right wrist twice and my left arm totally destroyed once. And ive got the 6 scars to prove it, BITCH.
I broke my elbow 2 weeks ago, out sport for 4 months. I was playing rugby and the bloke passing to me passed it too high, I tried to catch the ball but the opposite team winger tackled me without the ball, my elbow snapped the wrong way and there you go, worst feeling I had ever had, but they gave me pure O2, now that is some good shit!

EDIT: Bet you didn't have to be operated on and get pins in your elbow! It hurts!
i had a hot dentist.
I never broke any bones, unless you count my classmate's fingers.

Oh, but I broke my leg jumping off a couch. I was four. tongue.gif
Yeah, the elbow joint is a pain to break. But I would've been a real smart ass to that chick that ran off. tongue.gif I'd of said, "Ok, you just ride off and not do anything to help me even though I can't move my body and I'm stuck in the middle of the road, and even though there's an 18 wheeler coming towards me that couldn't possibly stop, you just have fun riding home!!!" I would've loved that. laugh.gif
You wanna die tonight?
that sucks! ohmy.gif that chics a bicth! mad.gif
Infamous Flame
Hope it gets better. Glad she came to see you.
Yeah it takes a while too heal, mines gonna teake 4 months! happy.gif
hope u get better soon. That story was defintely worth the time to read. lol. I busted my nose once, well, my brother busted it for me. I won't go into the details.
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