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2-0 Chelsea today and 2-0 Chelsea on Sunday! happy.gif
I say 2-1 Liverpool
I'll let you know what I think the score will be in 2 hours wink.gif
I knew you would say something in this topic happy.gif
Chelsea 2 - 1 Liverpool

Chelsea are too good nowadays
guess who# 2
Chelsea will destroy them.but onyl because my girlfriends name is that.
Hmm, I was actually expecting a draw, but Liverpool did look like the better team. Dunno why we continue to play Cisse on the right wing though...
nobody discussing the rangers game sad.gif

and whats the score right now? cant be arsed putting on sky sports news.
Liverpool 0 - 0 Chelsea : Result

See, the oh so great league champions still can't beat us champs league winners!!
Was rootin' for liverpool.
QUOTE(Skillz @ Sep 28 2005, 10:31 PM)
Was rootin' for liverpool.

Good on ya mate biggrin.gif

And btw: Inter Milan 1-0 Rangers tongue.gif
Inter were always gonna him lmao...

I wanted Liverpool to win too. Who didnt? Nobody likes chelsea except glory hogs and geniune chelsea fans (who must be having the time of their life)
All the results:

Anderlecht 0 - 1 Real Betis

FC Porto 2 - 3 Artmedia Petrzalka

Fenerbahce 3 - 0 PSV Eindhoven ----- Can't believe it.

Inter Milan 1 - 0 Rangers

Liverpool 0 - 0 Chelsea

Real Madrid 2 - 1 Olympiakos ----- Could have been like 5-1 (Real 26 shots --- Olympiakos 9)

Rosenborg 0 - 1 Lyon

Schalke 04 2 - 2 AC Milan
yeah inter were easily gonna win.. there just so good. but rangers put up a good fight.. i mean, they werent exactly hammered, they had a few chances.
Actually, it was Liverpool vs Chelsea (both matches were at Anfield), but it doesn't really matter.

What does matter is the embarrasing scoreline from the Premiership match. No team has scored 4 at Anfield in the Premiership since George Best's days at ManUre. We really need to do something about this.
HA HA 4-1 how embarrasing, Crouch was a waste of mney Man Utd do good buys Ji Sung Park, Edwin Van Der Saar
Yeah park played good the other day.
U support Man Utd Mech
Nah, not really. Just like to watch matches of them though. Always seem to be more interesting then others. tongue.gif
I'm a genuine Chelsea fan and i'm well happy happy.gif
Now I read my above comment I now have no comment.. God damn 4-1! Jebus Christ
im a sor loser so it was just luck
Can't wait until the next encountering in the Champions League... AT HOME!
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