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Comments and ratings PLZ rolleyes.gif
hermmm, idk i just dont like it, i guess its graphicly good, but the look is just kinda fugly... mostly the pic and color i guess

dont like the render/text/border, but the background is good.
QUOTE(Napoleon @ Sep 23 2005, 03:33 AM)
dont like the render/text/border, but the background is good.

same for me ..and who the heck is that dude in the render looks like a Knight wit a shrunkin head and a clown face lol
Set the picture to ocerlay and lower the opacity of the font a bit!
6/10, the text and font are both poor, did you even make the bg? the borders ok but too rigid compared to the feel of the rest of the sig, 6/10.
^^Yesh i made the Bg thats my specialty im good at that but i cant find shit for renders and i skrewed up on teh font thats y it looks like SHiTE! anyway thanks for your oppinions also teh creepy lookin dudes name is gannondorf hes from the legend of zelda,

Also thanks for you help everyone im getting better with tuts and ur help! tongue.gif
Pic and text ruined it. 42%
Its not great 4/10.
put down the brushes.
^^Hey man im just learning aint gotta be that cruel!^^

I made that halo sig i think thats some good work im JUST Learning no one seems to understand that exept Weingartshofer he showed me some good tuts i think that my sig now is good that one just didnt turn out!
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