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Can anyone make my diving skill to 40%?
Please help, i dont know how.
Thanks for reading or replying my post.
Link to my save=
First, you only need 20% diving skill for amphibious assault. Second, to increase your diving skill jump in the water anywhere and repeat 100 times - dive, come up, dive, come up, dive, come up and so on. Every once in a while you'll see a bar showing your diving skill increasing. That's a 5% increase, so you need four of those. Now, and this is important - it doesn't help to dive for a long time. The game doesn't give you extra credit. Instead, it just counts the number of times you've dived. So dive again and again and again until you get there.

If you want to up your diving skill and do something useful, download a map of all the oysters, and go collecting oysters. Take a boat for the trip and dive near each oyster to pick it up. Mark each oyster you get on the map so you don't lose track.

[Correction: it goes up 5% every time you see "lung capacity upgraded", not every time you see the green bar with a plus]
...I don't think you can do Oysters yet; you can't get to Las Venturas before you complete all the main San Fierro story missions (excluding zeros stuff, wang cars, etc.)
5. Post ONE request at a time, don't make posts or topics reminding the helpers of your requests or reposting your savefile. You will be warned if you do.


Warn level increased, all topics closed.

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