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See. I've got all the folders for my PSP up and named properly and everything. I've had it since like early April. And since then I've been doing fine with transferring MP3 files onto the Music folder. However, I've never been able to transfer any movie files into the Movie folder. They transfer through the USB. They take up the memory card space. But they don't show up in my PSP Movie folder and I can't play them.

Does anyone know what kind of format or something the movies have to be for them to work off the Memory Stick of the PSP? Has anyone been able to transfer movies onto their PSP? What's the deal?
you made the MP_ROOT folder and the 100MNV01 folder in side of it right? if so install psp video 9 it will convert your vids to the right format and i believe it may automatically transfer them to your psp for you too. here let me find the link...

here it is
I still can't fucking get it to work. It won't transcode it. It just stays at 0%. I don't know what the fuck is wrong.
make sure the folders are the exact same way. other than that, even with using psp 9 and you have problems? i think either your missing something or you have a faulty unit.
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