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Right, ive been using Norton + Adaware to scan my computer regularly to keep it free from all that malicous shit out there. But i dunno, i think there are better programs out there that scan/remove viruses. So are there? Just want to make sure that nothing is in my computer. wink.gif

-Dont turn this into a Norton bashing topic. Please. >_>

-I'm also not asking for a firewall, im asking for a virus scanning program. I'm also aware that routers are better than firewalls, so no need to post that either.

-Formatting isnt an option.
I use AVG, its pretty good, and free.
EZ AnitVirus, or the one I use is the McAfee VirusScan!
McAfee VirusCan 9.

EDIT: Too slow V_V
QUOTE(FX @ Sep 12 2005, 08:00 PM)
I use AVG, its pretty good, and free.

Same here. Never had any problems with it.
Ricky W
Well besides running McAFee (Which I highly reccomend) on a PC, I suggest the following:

1. Microsoft AntiSpyware
- Techinically it's still in "Beta" and it's still free. Though knowing Microsoft you will have to pay for it eventually. I would advise getting it while it's still free. I knew the original programmer for this program (When it was still known as Giant AntiSpyware). The program is amazing, I would adivse checking it out.

2. AVG
- It's free and it does it's job. AVG has helped me fix quite a few PCs in the past.
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