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This isn't exactly a glitch, it's just an extremely easy way to make money. tongue.gif

Get $1,000,000, and go to the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas. Go make your way to the tables, and look for a big, square table, and wait for it to say "Play Roulette! Max Wager: $1,000,000." If you've never used the casino before, then play some video poker (use the machines that have low valued chips so you don't lose much money) to get your begging level up.

Anyways, once you play, choose either Black, Red, Odd, or Even numbers. Therefore, you have a 1/2 chance of winning, (which is pretty nice.) and once you win, go out and save, then repeat.
Bitch Heartless
This is very old its been posted before too.
yea what he said, or u could go on the otb and bet millions on the last horse, and if it wins, lotsa $$$.
The Porscheofile
old all i have to say, but nice try!
ofb is much beter then bambling in a casino
waisted menkey
uh oh. here it comes. the old "tastes great!" vs. "less filling!" argument. many hold true to the otb while others stand fast for the casinos. as far as i'm concerned: casinos=funner while otb=easier/faster
otb is for sure the way to go. getting pised after losing a huge hand and killing casino patrons is always fun
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