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This has probably been posted before butDonald love from GTA III,appears in VC.
In gta III he kinda plays a gangwarfare master-mind,giving Claude (AKA Fido)
tips and kints onto becoming a ganglord.
But in VC he pays a dumbass shit who Avery Carrington orders around.
Whats going on there?
Remember that VC happens 20 years before GTA3. In GTA3, Donald Love talks about "nothing brings down Real Estate like a good old-fashioned gang war", exactly what Avery says in Donald's presence in VC.

Old news, however.
Well done for finding the connection yourself.
The site's 2nd resident BMXer
Avery could have been donald's mentor
Yep he probably is.

QUOTE(AKalien @ Sep 4 2005, 04:56 AM)
Avery could have been donald's mentor

He IS - Rockstar put the link there as a kinda easter egg for those who played GTA3 and actually listened to what Donald Love said during the cutscene. I believe Donald says that his mentor used to say that nothing drives down real estate...
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