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help me please i dont have any idea what stores knocked off means and how do you do it and where and also another thing here do you get the idaho and blista compact plz help me
If a store is 'knocked off', it means that it's robbed. To rob a store, go into the shop and aim at the clark with a gun, when you let off the aim, the alarm will go off. Collect the money and get out of there before the cops get you.
thx mate that will help a lot cheers
Yeah, you need it for 100%, you should be able to Google the locations like I did when I was going for 100% VC.
You forgot to say shoot the clerk than he cant talk rofl!
QUOTE(Pickle @ Sep 21 2005, 02:00 PM)
You forgot to say shoot the clerk than he cant talk rofl!

That is irrelevant and pointless.

And will get you 2 stars automatically.

but it will buy you some time of you shoot him so that he dies the first time
I could never find all the stores.
This is simple, easy and fun. Just know how to ditch a wanted level.
There's not that many, on either island. Total of 15.

-Corner Store - Vice Point
-Dispensary Plus - Vice Point
-First Jewellery Store- Vice Point

-Gash - North Point Mall
-Music Store - North Point Mall
-Second Jewellery Store - North Point Mall
-Hardware Store - North Point Mall

-Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach

-Ryton Aide Pharmacy - Little Haiti

-Pharmacy - Downtown
-Third Jewellery Store- Downtown

-Deli - Little Havana
-Doughnut Shop - Little Havana
-Laundromat - Little Havana
-Screw This - Little Havana
Go on and search for vice city; there is a guide to the knocking off stores there. Hell, there's guides there for anything and everything you need to know about Vice City!
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