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i played gtaI but don't know how to save the game. heard somethin' about a church, but don't know where to fid it...
You save your game by going into a church in GTA2 (not so sure about GTA1). When you start the game it should give you an arrow towards the game. Google for a GTA1 map. ( )
From what I can remember, you can't save in GTA1. You get auto-saves by completing a city level. Each city has 2 levels.


Ok. Here's what happens. After you get a certain point total, a blue arrow comes up and you go to a guy and a cutscene plays, and that level is done. Each city is done twice, each time with different missions. So you have Liberty City: Gansta Bang, then below that you'd have the option to start Liberty City: Heist Almighty.

Then you would move to the next city. Repeat by getting the number of required points, and moving on and doing the city a second time. I think San Andreas comes next.

Then you do Vice City twice, and you're done.

Once you complete a city level, it will become unlocked in the main menu.

hey i got a question about how many missions do you need to beat in gta1 and london to get to the next level
You simple have to get a certain amount of money, you dont even have to do missions if you dont want to.
Another reason why I don't like GTA1 or London....
Death To The Prom King Of The Century
I think u had to follow one of the small arrows in the game
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