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Worse game ever........Mario!!!!!!!!!
E.T. Extra Terestrial for the uh.. Atari or something is the WORST GAME EVER. You walk around falling in holes and you can fly by extending your neck... uh ok.. And some people walk around and if they catch you they drag you back to their house or something... WTF?? E.T. Pretty much ties with ALF which is for the Atari as well I believe. The other worst game I ever played was called "Super Turkey Puncher 3" but it doesn't really count because that was a little thing inside of Doom 3.

Altered Beast

I could go on for days
Oh man, ALTERED BEAST was the best game ever, I mean.. jeez just remembering that phrase "Powerrr up!" makes me want to play it again. And Ninja Turtles on NES was great. I played it every day before preschool back when it was new, LMAO that was a long time ago. Jumpy.gif

To jump off of topic, the true Best game ever would have to be Barney's Great Adventure for the Sega Genesis. It took me like 3 hours to get across that one cloud part. And when you did something with the kids and barney would just be like "I loooove you" was just priceless.
ribbit king on ps2 is the worst game evA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get Inda Car HO 69
ALL Final Fantasy games and Backyard Wrestling; Dont Try This At Home
Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
Zapper: One wicked Cricket dry.gif
Terminator 3 rise of the machines was pretty bad
the scorpion king....AHAHAHAHA

hey!i dont have the game!really!!!
Adventure Game on the net yaroze...
San Fierro
I dunno, This game for the Megadrive (Motorbike Racing), Blocky Graphics (First Game I Ever Had)!!
Grand Theft Automobility
mello_yello is right, Zapper: One wicked cricket is the worst game of all time. Not that i bought it, but when i played it on a PS2 magazine, i felt very suicidal.
I think this topic should be divided, because you can't neccesarily compare games that came out 5 years ago to games that came out last month, some examples might be Graphics, Gameplay, Audio, Date released etc.
Starsky & hutch... not good.
well the worst game I have is... Poy Poy I think it's called, I sold it to my lil' bro
"Rugrats" for PS1. awfull music, full of stupid glitches, bad voice acting, awfull graphics. you can complete the game 100% in under half an hour.
dam the rugrats for playstation suck!11
QUOTE (Fishchicken @ Jan 6 2005, 01:44 PM)
"Rugrats" for PS1. awfull music, full of stupid glitches, bad voice acting, awfull graphics. you can complete the game 100% in under half an hour.

Sounds bad. laugh.gif

50th post
i jus bought th getaway 2 black monday, and its shit
Holy shit, my friend was so hyped about that game, because we both loved number 1.
I kept sayin, "Be careful, its a sequel, it may suck."
But he convinced me to get it.
I read a review, it said DMC2 was SOOO easy and had NOO story
But my friend still got, i did too.


I sold it, he threw it away or something...


Outshitted by HALO2, that game was mediocre, but so many kids were obsessed.
fuck em
High Rollers Casino with out a doubt is worst than any other game.
I'm a big fan off rugrats its lik gta because you can walk around the house I still play it at least 1 hour a day everyday I I lined up for it that game never dispionts
I'm a big fan off rugrats its lik gta because you can walk around the house I still play it at least 1 hour a day everyday I I lined up for it that game never dispionts

well then why did you post that in the worst game ever topic?
Any fishing games....
Halo 2

i dont think anyone has mentioned NINJA TURTLES mad.gif i played a demo + EVERYTIME you press square (attack) the turtle goes SLICE N DICE, SLICE N DICE........SLICE N DICE....SLICE N DICE......

it emotionly hurt + haults me in my dreams sad.gif

QUOTE (Jayzamann @ Oct 11 2004, 04:33 AM)
I've played my fair share of games. However the one with the most hype that turned out to be a flop was definitely Paper Mario. *cringe*

paper mario was great fun! i loved the colourful scebery, and its a good solid, RPG. there's a sequel coming out soon, so it couldn't have 'flopped' that much. as for most overhyped game evr, i'd say gta, san andreas............ PUT THE GUNS AWAY, I WAS KIDDING. it's got to be 'smackdown, just bring it'. as a wwf at the time, i was dissapointed by an extremely shitty story mode thta lasted literally 2-3 matches! any owners of the previos games will know that they have a continous story mode
QUOTE (Bluntman & Chronic @ Sep 22 2004, 08:26 PM)
QUOTE (Tompynator @ Sep 22 2004, 03:34 PM)
There are a whole lot of unknown bad games out there ... why not narrow this one down to "worst totaly over-hyped game ever"

Mine would have to be "the getaway" ... I hated that game ( exept the one mission in the police station ... that one wasn't bad ... deserves a little credit ... )

I was very disappointed with the Getaway. I mean, the graphics were great and all... It had a good story! But the gameplay... No health pick-ups, no map, fuckin' annoying turn signals...

Worst game ever: Harvest Moon: Rescue the Homeland

I Agree, its Got to be getaway, the fact that you have to follow indicators and no pickups and shit
i would have to say the sims, no point to it whatsoever, and im smart enough to know when to piss for myself. i dont need to tell a game character too.
ET for the Atari 2600
Victorious Boxers is so shite its unbelievable
worst game ever i would have to say

F.B.I most wanted its suckes ass
American Wheeler Pro trucker
It takes 10 minutes to beat (its on g-cube)
Its the same as the arcade game and is stupid as hell
there are many shitty games but tha i have played is driv3r i think
i would say [SIZE=7]spice world[SIZE=1]according to my sis its a piece of shit
NBA jam
Davso the Commi
Harry Potter for GameBoy Advance.
Pocket Monsters: RedFire for GameBoy Advance.
Pocket Monsters: GreenLeaf for GameBoy Advance.
Sonic Battle for GameBoy Advance.
R/C Helicopter for PlayStation.
Chess for PlayStation.

-//~Commi Rocker Davso~\\-

Fear comes full circle
Not sure about my worst game is but... I guess I'll have to pick... um... Halo.
driver 1; absolute shit
Hmm.............Simpsons skate boarding
Any type of board game turned into a console game sucks, and they expect you to pay more then double then you would if you just brought the board game.
The Smoke
worst game?... JACK & DAXTER!
Thats mean't to be really awesome,well the third one.
catwoman (PS2,XBOX,GC) or kirby air ride (GC) would have to take the cake. Those games sucked
lock on: modern air combat i HATE IT it keeps going blue, in the middle of a dogfight, F15 defending the US from invasion. its supposed to be realistic! in real life the pilots vision does not go blue! i gave it to some1 for christmas tongue.gif (left it under their pillow)
QUOTE (Xyprious @ Feb 16 2005, 04:37 PM)
catwoman (PS2,XBOX,GC) or kirby air ride (GC) would have to take the cake. Those games sucked

Agree with that.

Also Spider-Man 2 for PC and Mafia for PS 2.
The thing for ps2

tiger woods pga tour 2001 i suck at it so idont like it
the sims. i heard all the hype about and i bought it cheap ($12 - PS2) and i gave up on it in 2 days. u dont control anything. its just 1 button and in about 5 minutes he starts walking.
gotta go with gex, that game blew toasted nuts.
The Getaway and Driver 3 tied.
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