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Heres the question, are the phone missions important?
If not, good, but which are the fun ones and where can they be found?
they r if u want 100% completion
There are two in Portland, one in Staunton and one in Shoreside vale.

In Portland one of them is near joeys garage, you'll hear the phone ring. I warn you these aren't fun, and don't pay well, you just drive from A to B to C.

There is one near Misty's apartment in Hetburn Heights, these are ok, just average missions.

In Staunton there are phone missions for the yardies, these are pretty fun.

If I remember correctly in Shoreside the missions are for the...purple nines or something, and these are ok.
The ones near Joey's are for "Marty Chonks" of the Bitch 'N' Dog Food Factory. Those are basically just $1000 to get you used to the game. Those in Hepburn Heights are for the Diablos.

The only phone missions that are storyline essential are the Staunton Island / Green ones.
the phone missions are required for 100% completion, i think. and they're also to earn an extra buck; the phone missions keep repeating, even after you've finished all of them. 'coz i remember i beat the game and i was going around portland, and the phone where you contacted el burro was ringing, and it was the exact same missions. clap.gif
The four Bitching Dog Food ones aren't repeating. The Diablo one only keeps repeating cos its a race.
QUOTE(Beckham @ Sep 1 2005, 04:09 PM) [snapback]856965[/snapback]

Heres the question, are the phone missions important?
If not, good, but which are the fun ones and where can they be found?
All required for 100% completion.
None of the missions are 'fun', except the races, and D-Ice's missions.

In Portland:
Marty Chonks' missions are the easiest, located in Trenton across from Joey's Garage.

In the park in Hepburn Heights, El Burro's missions can be quite difficult if not timed right,
due to the Triads. Break his up into two of four- the race 'Turismo', and 'I Scream, You Scream' first.
Then after more Mafia missions, go back and finish up with 'Trial by Fire', burning
the Triads with a Flamethrower in Rampage form. You'll know why you didn't do this one before -
the Triads hate you and can make this mission difficult, so it's better done when they're still passive.
The final mission 'Big N Veiny' is debatably difficult. Some have no problem, others prefer to use
infinite sprint to push the van to Chinatown, then pick up the icons by the Greasy Diner to finish the mission.

In Staunton:
You'll be working for King Courtney, the leader of the lamest gang the Yardies.
His phone is on the southern side of the Liberty Campus.
His missions are absolutely pointless, other than to break your ties with the Diablos.
For 'Bling-Bling Scramble', get it over with quick and easy using a Rhino from the EV Crane.
For the remaining missions - they're all easy, again, not fun, just necessary.

In Shoreside Vale:
You'll be working for D-Ice of the Red Jacks.
Now *THIS* guy is pretty cool. He has some fun and interesting missions.
One is similar to the RC Toys missions.
His phone is located at the base of the street that the safe house is on, in Wichita Gardens,
only it's at the bottom of the street, next to a Cartel Cruiser.

In all of these locations above, you cannot help but *hear* the phone ringing off the hook.

Basically you have to complete them all for 100%.
Also, three of these are re-playable missions, after completing
each set of missions for the various employers, El Burro, King Courtney, and D-Ice
I never even tried any of them past El Burro. They sucked.
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