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Ok... back for more.

A continuing of the current one.

Donald Love: This is a Love Media corporation. Please enjoy this private discussion between two un-named men. And please. Stay tuned to Love Media for more Love Media productions.
Lazlow: Ok. Are you uh... are you there?
Fernando: Yes. Do you need to talk? I love to talk. Let me tell you about a time when...
L: Shut up will you! I called about me! Okay... here's the deal. I uh...uh... I need to know, you know... what to do in bed.
F: Oh!! This is Lazlow! Ok. I don't want to help you! You took my show off the air. I come to you to help and you push me, Fernando Martinez, away. I don't think I should talk to you. I am to... to... to good for you!
L: Yeah? You don't want to help. Well, I'll make sure... I'll try to make sure you never work in this town again!
F: Fernando works everywhere! Fernando is here for everyone! Except for you. You Lazlow. You are mean.
L: You have to help man... she's... she says I'm not her life partner anymore. I mean... excitement is what I need.
F: That's right, you do need excitement. Excitement. That is the word for... for uh... excitement. If I say that you need a little bit of whore meat, some... ass? Yes. Ass. Do you need ass Lazlow?
L: Well... actually I don't. I... I have my secretary.
F: Are you nervous Lazlow?
L: Well yes... otherwise I wouldn't be stuttering much.
F: Let me tell you something Lazlow. You always stutter. I surprised you even get a wife! Hahahahaha!!! No...ok. You must respect your opposing sex. Take her into your arms. And do not let her go. I let one go... she go off to some... some... some sort of pimp! So do not let your wife go. Break away from your mistress! If you need it... maybe you come for counselling.. with me Fernando.
L: Ummm... No. But maybe your right. Maybe I should quit this affair. What do yuo think?
F: Are you even listening? I think you get that piece of ass you call your wife, and you grab her, grind her, eat her, do what you have too to save that marriage Lazlow. And do not let go. Let go... and who knows, maybe she comes to me? What do you think of that Lazlow? Do you like the sound of that?
L: Uuughh... Ok. I'll break up with Sara. and I'll stay with Sage. Now. No one is to hear of my... uh... my marriage "whoes". Ok?
F: I think I use you as advertising promotion! No... hahahahaha... just kidding. Call me if you feel lonely again Lazlow.
L: I sure won't. I'll talk to you... uh... never again. Bye.
F: Good luck and happy humping...haha.
L: Whatever.

Appreciate your comments again. Thank you.
Passes my test (can I hear the proper voices reading it) :tick:
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