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$ealy you can download all of the gta classics for free,pluss a free mini online bonus!
This is pretty cool and hope i am not breaking any forum rules! wink.gif
It's rockstar's site? Then youir not, I think.
Can you download the full versions or just demos?
Yes it is the official rockstar site.And yes there free and full.
Rockstar thought WTF nobody is buying these why not give them away.They kinda suck after about 7 minutes of playing anyways.
Haha...nah GTA3 is what did that,GTA was a classic hit realy it was...
I can't find the downloads...
Just go here.
Try just clicking run.
I never had any problems.I think the game sucks though.
They give them away so people can play them, think the game is OK-ish, then they might be tempted to buy a 3D GTA game instead. A fairly clever marketing ploy.
Stan Petrov
The original GTA's were groudbreaking when they came out.A relatively new concept that has made itself a genre.Games like the Getaway and True Crime wouldnt even exist if it wasnt for the original GTA,imo.
Fuck!!! I bought the Classics collection for PC last month at Wal-Mart for $10. FUCK YOU ROCKSTAR!!!!!!
Dam this is gonna take like 4 hrs for me
In the UK the original GTA is the one that caused the most controvesy, they actually discussed it in parliment and it was the first game to be officially rated by the BBFC (Those ELSPA ratings they had ages ago where only 'advisory', but BBFC age ratings are a legal requirement, if you sell it to anybody too young to buy it you get busted). GTA 2 was largely ingored, GTA 3 came out at the same time as 9/11 happened so none of the newspapers gave a shit about a videogame, Vice City was mostly reported positiveley by the newspapers, they had things like "Hey you can listen to michael jackson and wear a gaudy hawiian shirt! its just like Miami Vice!", and San Andreas was reported alongside the uproar about Manhunt, but they generally just said "Oh and the same company are coming out with another game soon which is a follow-up to Vice City", and didnt complain about it or praise it
not much.
there old.

but daaaaamnm i love em. i reember buying them before 3 came out, i was like in 5th grade, i fucking loved the 1st one. didnt really think much of the 2nd a london tho.
I don't think GTA2 is the full version, because when I go there it just says DEMO.
I read that there was an online mod for this game somewhere, so people can play against each other or something....
Does anyone else know about it, if so tell me where i can get info about it?
GTA2 Game Hunter. It just makes it easier to find games, GTA2 already had network code built-in.
cool ty
QUOTE(Blaz3 @ Dec 23 2005, 06:13 PM) [snapback]1037518[/snapback]

So is anyone gunna play online?

I tried to do it once. No one was online and it was boring as hell.

Is it normal for my download to be going so slow? And taking so long? On that link it doesn't have london.
QUOTE(0bs3n3 @ Dec 27 2005, 05:09 AM) [snapback]1041852[/snapback]

On that link it doesn't have london.

No, there isn't London. Does anyone have it so they can post it on MegaUpload or something for us?
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