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On my version for the game boy i found a big glitch that when i died and lost all my lives i automaticaly go to the next lvl, does this happe to any1 else
I once played Gta on GBC. It sucked so bad that I only played it for about 5 minutes. But no, I didn't notice the glitch.
Is that the GBC version thats an exact copy of the first PC version?
No they came out with a GBA version some time ago. Is it any good? Honestly?
The game boy colour version was really shit, there was no cars, so when you got a timed mission you had to walk, you only saw 1 car every 5 minutes or so, it was like a ghost town!. Plus the cops where insane and impossible to escape from (they where always faster than you, even if you had a cop car), the colours where all dodgy, the cars didnt turn through 360 degrees (just 16 different directions) and they didnt skid. Plus they weapons where lame, the GBA version looked like a masterpeice in comparison. I'd probably play it more if i could see what was going on (yeah i have the original GBA, with no backlight)
Game Boy....GTA...doesnt that set of words create an oxymoron?
It has Hot Coffee in it... well on the PC and Playstation version in one of the very first missions you have to get a car, then they say "Bring it back to the garage, and move it! we got some fresh pussy here", and on the GBC version they replace "Pussy" with "Coffee" XD
Thats amazing.
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