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post the thing that you crave most about gta 1/2
Mrsh u pichku materinu smile.gif! stupid.gif
The ability to fart and burb. lol. tongue.gif laugh.gif
SEB Soldier
The ability to fart and burp, and also lot's of gangs from GTA 2.
I don't really like those 2 games but if i had to say smething i guess it would be the farting and burping ohmy.gif
That FMV with the live actors was awesome, I miss things like that.

Does anyone know where I can find a complete song list for GTA2 radio? That' 50's song was fun, but I can't find it anywhere on the net. tongue.gif
the multiplayer.
the 3d gta ganes may be great, but the missing of multiplayer is a big minus.
They have a mod for online multiplayer in Gta3, VC, and possibly SA but I don't know if they released the one for SA yet.
sa has 2 player
QUOTE(kILLbOYpOWerHEaD @ Aug 27 2005, 06:29 PM)
The ability to fart and burb. lol. tongue.gif laugh.gif

Yep,and the elvis gang they PWTOGULATE wallbash_red.gif
Gouranga! clap.gif
SEB Soldier
The Elvis gang was funny tongue.gif Although they didn't seem to do much exept saying"ahahaha" and "thank you very much" all the time laugh.gif The graphics were nice too.
Knocc Out
*shocks topic back to life*
I looove the bad graphics!
no jk...
The abilty to fart
QUOTE(EvgeniBuzov @ Aug 28 2005, 11:57 AM) [snapback]847724[/snapback]

The ability to fart and burp, and also lot's of gangs from GTA 2.

agree Jumpy.gif
SEB Soldier
The funky GFX from GTA 2 were pure ownage!
the electro gun smile.gif
we really have come far in the gta world aint we just sit and think and u will reconise how amzing the worls has develped so fast clap.gif tongue.gif smile.gif biggrin.gif Jumpy.gif
SEB Soldier
SMG was my fav gun. OH, AND HOW COULD I FORGET!?!? My favorite thing in GTA 2 was the ability to punch guys! They just never died like in the later GTA games! laugh.gif
Cars that i can actually name in GTA London, like the Ford Capri!

GTA London being really easy, its a fun way to kill a slow day, they should bring it out on the PSP

Running down the street with the rocket launcher shooting left and right like mad

The cool-looking Limos in Vice City, and the exploding cars of course!

The rock songs from GTA and "Taxi Drivers must die" from GTA

The GTA Theme tune!, also found in GTA3 (in censored form like it would be on a real-life pop radio station)
-Smoking a cigarette when standing on the street for a while!

-Flamethrowing in circles running around the gang areas!

-Take a tank and drive around the city, it was a lot more fun in GTA2, you could drive over anyone or any car and after that the whole army after you!


-And all the other 'classic' gaming stuff... rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(kILLbOYpOWerHEaD @ Aug 27 2005, 06:47 PM) [snapback]846205[/snapback]

The ability to fart and burb. lol. tongue.gif laugh.gif

i agree with u.
Farting is pretty sweet. I also like the Classic weapons.
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