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Clickity Click

Here's the part that will clinch your asshole tight and won't make you sleep for days: She killed her mother because she got grounded. Also, since her LiveJournal/Xanga (Yes, she had a LJ and was the stereotypical scenster kid) was deleted, someone made a archive. Take a look

Looks are deceiving, my boy. sad.gif
I saw that on the news cause I live in Kansas City.
but I've never seen that girl in my life.

and Its not just cause she was grounded. she had bad parents. dont believe that article. it actually goes much deeper than that. trust me my friend's dad knows about this.
gahhhhhh........ ph34r.gif ph34r.gif

QUOTE(P4yn3 @ Aug 26 2005, 01:59 AM)
OMFG...she once talked to me on MSN.

I wouldnt doubt it.
look at all those comments she has. and theyre all from people that know her apperently.
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