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Does anyone remember Liberty City in its Beta or even Alpha stages?

I remember the airport being at the top of Staunton and were the airport was finally put to was loads and loads of houses

Also there was the above -ground subway train which ran from portland to all 3 islands

And a the college was change from a much grander looking college:
user posted image

There was a strange building which was taken away before release, its used for Meteorology:
user posted image

The pool of water near the hideout on the third island was a open area and the porter tunnel could be seen:
user posted image

This piece of land was taken away from Staunton too for some reason:
user posted image
interesting, where did u see the beta forms at? i would like to see where they show the airport and houses and everything
I'll have to search my computers for them

Heres how the above-ground train runs round:
(The thin dark black line)
user posted image

Don't double post. dry.gif
Oh, and I fixed the image link.
Damn nice. If you have more, post please happy.gif
Awesome ohmy.gif
As Toge said if you have more I would love to see them
Few radio advertisements can be seen around Liberty, Maybe radio stations which were never put to recording:
Liberty FM
LibertySoul FM
The Zone

user posted imageuser posted image

A certain radio station called Orbit FM was never added yet it had advertisements all around the city and had its own building:
user posted image
Heres the original design for Liberty City:
user posted image

The bridge between Portland and Staunton was originaly designed to have two supporting towers but only one was used:
user posted image
user posted image
The Demon
This hole thing sounds weird. Do you know where you got thoes pictures from?
Is it me or is it for like, nearly every game......the beta/alpha/whatever versions always seem cooler/more fun. wink.gif
Of course they do, bits get taken out due to cost/time/laziness/asshole producers/clash of ideas
keep the pics comin dude
btw that black line connecting through the three citys is the underground subway.
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