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Has anybody heard of or got the Real GTA3 mod?
a total conversion of cars, buildings, and liberty island! lol
plus a new bridge in SSV from your hideout to the airport!
im afraid of posting the link as it might be considered advertising but ill put it anyway - admins, you can edit or delete the post if it is against the rules.
Real GTA3

Sounds cool. Too bad that I don't have Gta 3 for Pc though sleep.gif
I had that, but then i wanted to do MTA-GTA3 so i uninstalled it, i still have the ZIP for it so i can install whenever i want...

One thing - the cars and textures are much higher in memory so things tend to load up slower.....also it used to make my system randomly crash...
mine only crashed when the belly - up trucks got damaged while in view. Other than that a good mod
Damn why did I uninstall GTA 3 sad.gif

Oh well might get it again and try this mod out
heres how to set it up:
1st - install gta 3
2nd - install real gta3 into the gta3 install folder
3rd - remove the files txd.img and txd.dir (the mod tells you where they are so dont worry!)
4th - boot up gta 3 as normal and enjoy the difference of REAL WORLD liberty city
I absolutly love that mod btu for some reason it is choppy on my PC. I have an awesome PC and it is the only game that does it. I cant figure it out.
The Porscheofile
ah mods, the things that make PC games bearable. definately gettin this one woot!
6 shooter
Yeah, I downloaded this mod 3-4 years ago and therefore could play GTA3 once more. The new cars are fun, esp. those green sports cars which replaced Triad Fish Vans, they're pretty fast and esy to get in Portland. I also loved the replacement of Taxis with White Peugeots 405 (no doubt inspired by the Taxi movies). And the new bridge in Shoreside Vale is also pretty useful. Oh yes, and the billboards - they kick ass (Pilsner Urquell, yummie!)
I don't have it for PC..... sad.gif
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