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Apparantly if you complete all the taxi missions you get a new taxi model. One thing, where does it appear cus ive looked everywhere for it and yes i HAVE completed the taxi missions
Oh yeah, the famous boringe taxi. I like it too, its fast and it has little spikes on the front and back bumpers with some blood on them. I think that car was one of the best prizes after completing taxi missions. (Vice's reward was good)
to be more precise, it's usually spawned at the garage next to head radio.

the new model's pretty good. it can take a considerable amount of damage, but i wouldn't personally store it in my garage. rolleyes.gif
I never had much use for that taxi, it was always the Mafia senital or the diablo's cars if i was in Liberty, stinger/yakuza stinger/cheetah/infernus when i was in Staunton and SSV.
I never knew about this taxi, can someone post a screenshot?
Sweet, thanks for posting it.
yay!! ive found it now - thanks for your help everyone!
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