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Devil of Blue Hell
there is a secret place on Gta 3, its kind of like blue hell only you can walk around and the people and buildings look all deformed.

heres how to get there
first to the flying car code
then get in a tank move the cannon thing behind you and continue shooting it
give it gas and is should eventully get in the air
herers the hard part
you have to land in the big football stadium
when you do that get out of the tank,your feet should be in the ground
now be carefull not to fall because there are many spots where you do
and walk to the side of the stadiumand walk through the wall
now its ok to fall
it should look al blue kinda
when you land you should be in the subway
now kill your self as quick as you can
you should be at the hospital in level 2
now everything should look al deformed
dont save it thought because it will be like this forever
thats a lie
ive ben up there a ton of times
you can walk throught the ground for a while but then you fall
but it puts you out side the stadium on the street not the subway
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