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Rob Cumine from GameBiz has informed me of a video interview for Rockstar's up and coming game The Warriors. Seeing as there's not much GTA news at the minute apart from the repetitive Hot Coffee Fisaco, I thought I'd post this anyway just to show you what Rockstar are up to.

Check it out at

If you liked that, why not check out the Official Warriors Website for a trailer and more screenshots.
All looks very interesting....
I am actually excited about this game after watching that! I had no idea it was bassed off a movie...
I Made Your Mom In GMod
Looks great, not sure if i'll get it though. There's already alot of stuff coming out this Christmas that I want... mellow.gif
it looks thing im disapointed by is that i can tell they are using the Vice City Engine just by looking at it....i want rockstar to get a newer Engine soon...
Looks nice I will probably end up getting it wink.gif
I read in a magazine interview in nutz i think that rock* said this is going to be there most violent game yet. I saw the movie and now ima get the game aswell.
No PC version?! mad.gif That really stinks. BOOO!
The PC version never comes out right away, if it does go to PC it will be at least 6 months after release.

I had no clue it was baised off a movie either. I will probibly rent it. I looks like it'll be a good game. I'm not too sure they used the Vice City engine Bullitz...
They think if they release the PC version too early, there could be bugs... but you can easily make patchs for it so PC should be released first along with PS2. I wonder if they'll make a PS3 version?

Anyways, it looks pretty corny. But then again I love corny killing games, so my thoughts are mixed. If it is based off a movie I will try to watch it before I ever play the game.
The Observer
Wait a minute... was this game made by ROCKSTAR NORTH the creators of Grand Theft Auto or is it just a ROCKSTAR GAMES game? Cuz all you people keep saying Rock* and I don't know if it is made by actually the makers of Grand Theft Auto cuz it says Rockstar Toronto on The Warriors official site. ohmy.gif
Looks pretty good. I'm deffinately going to rent it when it comes out. Not too sure about buying it though.
I could've sworn i've seen a movie called The Warriors.... Kind of looks like that. The game looks like it'll be good
yer i saw the movie when i was like 10 yrs old its worth checkin out its good, i can tel, that they have made the game exactly the same as the movie down to every details of the different gangs etc i cant wait for it to come out clap.gif
I dunno, im not really into games like mortal combat >.>
Considering its nothing like mortal combat.......

Thanks for the link to the video and topic....
looks pretty good i may get it
Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
Just so you know, it's from a 70s movie about a gang trapped on the other side of the city (New York) from their home territory. It's stylistic (like GTA) and looks prettymuch perfect for urban freeroaming (like GTA).
Electric Gigalo
Jumpy.gif Yeah!!! This Look Awesome!!! The Game Better Rock Just Like The Movie Did! I'm Just Hoping That "Luther" And "Cochise" And Maybe "Baseball Fury" Come Out On The Game!
Plus "The Warriors" Have Toys Coming Out As Well!
the movies awesome (i own it and thats all i ever watch next to aco), the book is too and is by sol yurick. everytime i see the screenshots i wet myself ha
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