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This is for Photoshop
This tutorial will show you how to make certain parts of people black and white while the other parts are still colored, like a sin city effect.

Step 1.
Find a suitable photo that has many colors in it, i choose this one.
user posted image

Step 2.

Make a new layer above the current layer of the picture you have.
user posted image

Step 3.

Grab the paint brush and find a decent size that isnt to big, or to small, for this picture i chose a size 20 px brush. Now make sure the color of the brush is black and slowy start to brush over the skin of the person. (or other parts of the picture if you desire)
Once your done brushing over all the parts it should look roughly like this.

user posted image

Step 4.

Making sure your still on layer two, change the effect to "color"

user posted image

Step 5.

Here is your finished product.
user posted image

Note: if you have any spots that didnt get colored in, you can just brush over then to change it to the color you want.

This is my first tutorial, i hope you liked it.
I dont think thats the best method, but it's a decent tutorial.
QUOTE(skribble @ Aug 3 2005, 03:43 AM)
I dont think thats the best method, but it's a decent tutorial.

Whats another method.
i suggest that before you start brushing, enter the "quick mask mode"
user posted image

-then brush, after that, click the icon on the left of the quick mask mode and go to select>inverse
-then ctrl+c / ctrl+v in a new layer and then ctrl+u and color it

thats how i do it
Seems simple enough to do, you could also go though the trouble of desaturating it with a mask... but...

That's one way to do it, I guess.
Cool tut. She looks dead, but still Hawtt!!1
Good tutorial, but you missed her toes completely...
Nice tutorial. It worked with Psp 9 too.
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