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in this tut you will learn

how to use certain layer styles
apply tech brushes like i did in my sig
pixel stretch
1px border
Nice tut mate, im sure people will find this useful smile.gif
Nice tutorial. I knew most of that except for the pixel stretch idea. Never thought of that before, hey, its nice to learn something new everyday. smile.gif

Would be great for people just getting started though, good work.

As for the text used in that tutorial, its abit too ''capitalized'' and the tutorial does look abit cramped. So it was kinda a strain to follow, good none the less in terms of content though.
i cant find the marquee tool mad.gif
QUOTE(ImaPhatKitty @ Aug 8 2005, 09:42 PM)
i cant find the marquee tool mad.gif
there ya go smile.gif
Hm....................sig looks odd but its a good tutorial
nice idea
Pretty good tutorial, pretty meh sig.

8/10 for the steps, 5/10 for the sig you made with it.
Nice tut 9/10
he made the average sig because it was a wasnt meant to be amazing, it was meant to show the steps that were taken. duh. rolleyes.gif
Good tut, too simple, add abit more in next time maybe. Sig outcome is as Albino said, abit meh!
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