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I was reading on yahoo news today and came accross this...

'Grand Theft' maker blames hackers for sex scenes

"We have learned that the 'hot coffee' modification is the work of a determined group of hackers who have gone to significant trouble to alter scenes in the official version of the game," Rockstar Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (Nasdaq:TTWO - news), said in a statement.

Rockstar said it is investigating ways to increase the security protection of the source code and prevent the game from being altered by the "hot coffee" modification.

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So rockstar is blaming modders completly, and they don't relise that its a PC game, it will always be hackable.
Wasnt it them that created the damn Hot Coffee thing to begin with? Nobody coded those minigames or recorded the voices of CJ and the different girlfriends other than Rockstar. How the hell can they blame us?... What a bad move.
lol just as i expected.....good ol' Rockstar blames us again
WTF, when was the last time they blamed 'us'?
Let them blame us.
R* needs to blame someone. They can't go around telling the god fearing people who complaint about the sex, that they dont give a fuck about what they have to say.
Like R* realy care's about the sex... They just need somone to blame so they dont get sude or somthing.
QUOTE(Batumulia @ Jul 14 2005, 03:25 PM)
lol just as i expected.....good ol' Rockstar blames us again

What other times did Rockstar blame modders?
well they arent actually lying... the scenes werent supposed to be in the game... and some "hacker" (read modder) enabled them... against the will of rockstar games...

im not saying it was wrong of the modders either... just that R* is doing this so noone sues them for putting stuff like that in the game (wich they actually didnt)
It's pathetic really, why don't the censoring boards just slap a higher rating on the game and leave it all alone. Too many people spend their life whining like little bitches. I would love to meet these people I would give them a slap. These freaks obviously don't watch TV and probably spent their whole life wanking instead of having sex with a person. Yea, I bet that is their problem, it is purely sexual frustration.
Man what idiots. A game will always be modable. Even if they make it illigal it will still happen. Hell games are downloadable everywhere on the web. That is a bigger problem which they also can't stop so they also won't be able to stop this.
It's PR bullshit and nothing more.

If anything, R* is probably enjoying a spike in sales right now because everyone and their momma is running out to get the game before it gets "secured". And just because of publicity. Hell, I'm feeling pretty damn good right now because by just owning the game I am giving a gigantic virtual middle finger to every right-wing bible-thumping nutjob that is involved in trying to resurrect the ghost of censorship. That's right - fuck you Judy, take your morals and shove 'em. but I digress...

Now in order to "secure" the game, R* would have to release a patch. There's a couple of problems with that.

1. GTA:SA is not multiplayable. So there's no motivation for ANYONE to download a patch which would do nothing but make modding impossible.

2. If R* was dumb enough to actually go for it (which they aren't, I hope) they'd have to put a lot of extra content into that patch just to make us want it. I mean GOBS of content, TONS of bug fixes and a grudzillion gameplay improvements. After all, the trade-off would be the inability to mod the game in any way.

And that's all IN ADDITION to whatever fixes they choose to make modding impossible.

That's a lot of work, ladies and genitals. Lots of work for which the company isn't getting a cent (unless the aforementioned right-wing nutjobs decide to send in donations). Money doesn't grow on trees, profit margin is small, and programmers' time is expensive. In fact, it could royally fuck up the financial outcome of GTA:SA as a project. Fugheddaboudid.

Of course, R* could make it like Marvel Comics and start sending cease and desist letters to sites that host GTA mods. They may actually shut down one or two. But given the proliferation of GTA mod sites (and the fact that some of them are abroad, i.e. in Russia), R* might as well not even get started.

So, in a nutshell, I wouldn't worry much about GTA:SA. The next GTA may be more difficult to mod, sure, but this one stays the way it is.
i dont give if rockstar blames modders because they made the game and we all kno rockstar jus doesnt wanna get sued so they can make more games to give us to play tongue.gif btw f*ck politicians exploiting violent games to gain fame F*ck You Laura Bush smile.gif
Btw... Why the F*ck do we keep sencering ourselfs...! (*)
What BS, ofcourse R* placed the sex scenes in the game, wherelse would the models, the voice overs and the whole gameplay come from? I don't think anyone could create such perfect codes and models to be placed inside the game. I'm just thinking that R* placed this mod in the game in the first place, but they sort of locked it. Then they decided to shake things up a bit and create a mod to unlock that hot coffe gameplay and make even more profits. More people would come to buy the game when finding out that there is illegal sex scenes in the game, and news reports and others will highly publicize it's presence and contributing even more to the income. And since we need the mod to unlock it, it isn't really R* responsibilty if we choose to download the it.

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