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Hey, i have a usb ps2 thing so i can use my ps2 control for my pc however gta3 i cannot seem to set the analogue up so when i want to turn around my player just runs sideways, does anyone know how to fix this?

You must be used to the San Andreas controls. In GTA3 and Vice you can use the directional arrows to move as well as the analogue stick, so give that a go and see how it works.
Good shout, ill give it a pop and report back, cheers.

Nope, when i press right to turn around, or left respectively it just side steps
Check your configuration maybe.
I think you're all forgetting that PC versions are meant to be used with the mouse as the

You'll have to check the config to find out... im not sure
sa is the first PC GTA with full support for a controller. Vice and 3 have to use the mouse. unfortunately. u need it to aim aswell.
All i had to do is stick it on classic and now its like playing it on the ps2 but with better graphics and real cars, woo biggrin.gif

Cheers for the help though people.
How/where do you stick it on classic?

I'm having the same problems. All my controls are messed up and the configuration looks impossible to sort it all out.
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