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Thanks to James Ogden for this article.

Slashdot have posted a small article about how the hidden sex mini-game in San Andreas has caused a few problems for ESRB and linked to a few articles of politicians complaining about the game again. Not much else going on, so I might as well link it if you'd like a read. SlashDot Article.
Yeah lol, youre too late, already a whole topic about it going on in political forum, anyway, the guy shouldnt complain, it wasnt in the game, only some modders got it out.
How the hell is it ESRB's fault? they didn't know and besides you need the mod to activate the sex minigame, damn these politicians.
Well, it makes no difference to the British ratings anyway - it's an "18" either way.
Young Escobar
Meh it looks like an closet pervert( thanks for telling me what it was tenten) looking for a raise,we all know he enjoyed that mod roll2.gif. But seeing he is a polotician. Well you know the rest.
I think thats why R* took it out so they wouldnt have to deal with this but i guess it affects others ?? i think politicians just USE this as a foot step to fame so they can be like "i rescued the youth from those violent games" man f*ck that sh*t i hope they get shot. biggrin.gif
I Made Your Mom In GMod
I was wondering about this. Mabye they'll pull back the PC version briefly to slap a 'Parental Advisery Explicit Content' sticker on it.
waisted menkey
bah. i agree with the above post about lawyers trying to use items of this nature as a stepping stone to fame/popularity. it's really really sad when people feel that a game intended for mature players shouldn't be played by mature players.

once again, the real issue here is how stores sell games to "underaged" players. that is completely unregulated (from my understanding of it). that is where the legislation is needed, not stopping R*. do we go after tobacco companies because the quiki-mart sold smokes to a 13yr old? do we sue George Lucas because the movie theatre let a 13yr old into an "R" rated movie?

Considering you can not play the hot-coffee mini-game without altering the way the finished product was intended to be played means nothing to these people. stupid lawyers...they'll do whatever they can to bring about a bad reputation to a company producing games for a mature audience but no one will stop T-moble from trying to collect a $1000+ bill from a 4 year old Voice Stream account which was never owned in the 1st place. wallbash_red.gif

i imagine we can all thank the religious right for this one, like usual. im so glad people feel the need to "rescue" me from myself while taking away my freedoms and rights
well,mabe merge my topic into this one.

heres my reply to the other one

the only reason they are so hash on gta is because it is so well knowen and they know that they'll get the most attention from bashing it. The only reason hes doing it so he can appeal to hte public,hte public who doestn understand how great gta is, hte public which buys there kids htese games and when they hear hte kids swearing,tehy blame hte game,and hte company who made it. not themselves,the ones who bought the game,and not other them selves.i bet plenty of kids picl up swearing from there parents.i kno where i pick up swearing, my firends way back in grade 3. and im sure they herent playing gta. they get more from tv and movies. tehy have ratings jsut like games. they wont let kids into a movie rated R,jsut like they wont let a kid buy a game tahts rated M. ive played gta,ive watched movies with kiling in it at a young age. and i dont go around stealing shit,beating people up. prety soon,once are generation gets to be hte main voters age, this video games ar bad shit wont work.
OK might sound newbsih.. but I put the mod in. And it gets to the interactive part.. says to use up/down to do the moves (w/s) in rhythm.. I have tried it 4 times now, and cant seem tyo find what rhythm it is referring too.

Any tips? Im on PC version btw
I posted a topic about a bill trying to be passed that mintioned this in it a few days ago, in GTA PC Discusion. So its old news to me too.

Theres my topic, old and not as up to date as the newer ones that people posted, and some nut job got everyone off track with political shit.

He messed up my topic.>< We still gota worry about that bill geting passed!
QUOTE(Tango4U @ Jul 9 2005, 04:32 PM)
OK might sound newbsih.. but I put the mod in.  And it gets to the interactive part.. says to use up/down to do the moves (w/s) in rhythm..  I have tried it 4 times now, and cant seem tyo find what rhythm it is referring too.

Any tips? Im on PC version btw

you need to change positions regulary by pressiong square. taht will help
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