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1. Open a new document of around 150x50, and choose a background colour.

2. Get the rectangular marquee tool and select a rectangle, now set your foreground color to a dark grey like #777777 and your background colour to black.

3. Now click the gradient tool and drag it from the bottom of the document to the top of the rectangle, it should now look like this:

user posted image

4. Go to Blending Options and apply the following settings

Inner Shadow
Blend Mode: Multiply (Black #000000)
Opacity: 24%
Angle: 120 using Global Light
Distance: 5px
Choke: 0px
Size: 5px

Inner Glow
Blend Mode: Screen
Opacity: 24%
Noise: 0%
Colour: White #ffffff (block checked)

Bevel and Emboss
Style: Inner Bevel
Technique: Smooth
Depth: 100%
Direction: Up
Size: 0px
Soften: 0px

Size: 1px
Position: Outside
Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity: 40%
Fill Type: Colour
Colour: Black #000000

Your button should now look somthing like this

user posted image

5. Select the circular marquee tool and select a circle in the left hand corner and fill it in white

6. Keeping the selection create a new layer, select a foreground colour and a darker background colour, I reccomend either blues or oranges. Use the gradient tool drag the line from the bottom to the top of the circle. Set the layer blending mode to multiply.

It should now look like this

user posted image

7. Reselect the circle if you have deselected it and get the elliptical marquee tool, change it's mode in the top left corner to substract from selection. Start just below the orb and drag the selection up and across so that you have a moon shape selection left at the top.

8. Make a new layer and fill the selction in with a white to transparent gradient and drag the line up to get the gradient going from top to bottom, set the blending mode to overlay.

9. Merge down the layer into the blue gradient layer and add the following layers styles.

Outer Glow
Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity: 75%
Noise: 0%
Colour: The colour in the middle of your orb
Size: 5px

Bevel and Emboss
Style: Outer Bevel
Technique: Chisel Hard
Depth: 100%
Direction: Up
Size: 1px
Soften: 2px

Angle: -42 not using Global Light
Altitude: 30
Highlight Mode: Normal
Highlight Mode Colour: Same Colour as in the Outer Glow

It should now look somewhat like this

user posted image

10. This step is optional but it shows you a good text effect. Choose a font and type your text onto the button in a colour to suit the orb.
Set the blending mode on the text to lighten, then duplicate the layer and set the blending to overlay.

Should look like this
user posted image
nice tut
Cool tut

Now you need to make an Interface tut for it wink.gif
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