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I dont, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who actually prefers the first and/or second GTA games to the newer 3D sequels.
GTA 1 rules all!

You know why? Because without GTA 1, this board, this site, NOTHING RELATED WOULD EXIST, BITCHES!
QUOTE(Don @ Jul 5 2005, 11:03 PM)
GTA 1 rules all!

You know why? Because without GTA 1, this board, this site, NOTHING RELATED WOULD EXIST, BITCHES!

Right. I like the 3D Gta games more, though.
GTA 1 rules all!

You know why? Because without GTA 1, this board, this site, NOTHING RELATED WOULD EXIST, BITCHES!

Just because it was the first game in the series, doesnt mean its the best or even a good game.
I remember playing gta 1. Never played much of gta 2 and never played lodon. ohmy.gif

EDIT: It was released when I was 8
They were all great at the time but i still prfer the 3D versions.
Never really did care for the first one...but I did buy GTA2...and it was great.
Although I relaly like the 3D games, when GTA2 came out I thought that it was a really good idea and the graphics were pretty good. Like the idea of respect and the gangs was a lot better then having just to drive to phones and do the missions. But my all time favourite would have to be either GTA3 or GTASA
They were/are really good games but you cant say they're better than the new ones... people may prefer them but i certainly dont.
I think GTA 2 was the better than any of the 3D ones in its day.

Actaully GTA3 was pretty good.
i will always love gta 1 and 2 better than the new ones
I have never played them
^ When did you come back TheMafiaGodfather? You used to be a great moderator, I think...
I never liked the Classic GTAs. I played them before, and I hated it. You can't beat 3D. I guess they were okay for their time, though. But I still hated them.
It's evolution, baby.
Played GTA 1 today as I was downstairs waiting for a program and my PS2 was upstairs, yeah I'm lazy tongue.gif

Was not as good as I remember, great for their time but the new ones put them in their place

Classics but not the best
You can't really say which ones are the best, cause most people prefer the current games, they are new. GTA 1 and 2 were great during those times, but as times change so did our preferences. And also with time comes improvement with graphics and gameplay, it's somewhat like asking which do you prefer, a pinball machine or a ps2?
no one plays these games anymore and they're all 2d anyway.
QUOTE(trigger543 @ Jul 22 2005, 07:02 PM)
no one plays these games anymore and they're all 2d anyway.

Theres nothing wrong with 2D, it's just different. Some games would suck in 3D, like Pacman!

And I still play them once a year or so wink.gif
Young Escobar
THe only 3D GTA GTA 2 is better than is GTA VC....GTA 2 was very nice. I wubbed it. wub.gif
Hah! Theres a 3d pacman...

Id rather watch paint dry than play on sucks that much
Iv got GTA1 - Crap (PS1)
GTA London 1969 - Crap (PS1)
GTA 2 - Crapest (PS1)
GTA 3 (With Strategy Book) - Good (PS2)
GTA VC (With Strategy Book) - Better (PS2)
GTA SA (With Strategy Book) - TOP STUFF! (PS2)

The Graphics and storyline are alot better in GTA 3, VC and SA than GTA1,2 & London)
GTA2 was awesome in its day. I still love the prospect of modding cars offensively, dropping mines, oilspills and attaching machine guns to the headlights. It seemed more like a puzzle game, just from the overhead view.. especially collecting the little "GTA" things, trying to figure out which one was up.

Lots more creativity in that one, at the cost of realism. (ie, the electrogun)
It was a huge map, too.
Oh boy.. I loved the 1st one when it came out.. damn i played for hours and hours straight, sometimes allnight long. Then came the 2nd one and it was fking awesome after the 1st one.. I got to try london afterwards, but it was nothing compared to gta2.

And naturally with GTA 3 and the new graphics. It was of course the best after the 1, 2 and london... Vicecity and San Andreas of course are sweeter and have more things to do than GTA 3.

Over all i quess i played the 1st one most intensively. But GTA 3 had the best story and the feeling to it. And i think the map in GTA 3 is also awesome!

So pretty much like this:
1. GTA 3
4. GTA 2
5. GTA 1 (Back in the days far most the best game)
6. GTA London
The Black Rider
me like gta 1 and 2 better than the more modern ones do think Im crazy of course I dont the newer ones have much more gameplay in them.
GTA 2 is my favourite classic gta game, but the 3d ones are a billion times more fun smile.gif
Ben E Gas
QUOTE(Don @ Jul 5 2005, 05:23 PM)
GTA 1 rules all!

You know why? Because without GTA 1, this board, this site, NOTHING RELATED WOULD EXIST, BITCHES!

You may be right. But I remember buying GTA3 and looking at the back of the box. I was disapointed to see that they changed the format and look of GTA. But when I put it in the machine to play, I was blown away. It was the best game I had ever played up to that point. So it was GTA3 that got me to keep coming back for more.

When GTA came out, It was the best game ever IMO, It was so much fun and the first time I played it i stayed up til 11:00 AM the next day

GTA 2. Was Also the best at the time
GTA 3, I was also upset at first with the change but omfg i loved it, The Best!!!!
VC, Even better overall I loved this but I like Liberty City Better its more interesting
SA, OMFG i cant wait til PS3, Wow, What will they do next?
SEB Soldier
I loved GTA2.IMHO GTA1,and London weren't as good as GTA2.In GTA2 there was 3 BIG maps to play,8 diffierent gangs to choose from,and lot's of cool cars,and crazy ass gameplay(as in good.)GTA2 was my favorite GTA classic.I never played GTA3 though,i beat GTA:SA,and i got stuck on GTA:VC.
loved gta2 and1.i absolutly hated gta lindon though.found it really boring an un interseting.remember playing 1 for hours just being chased or going on a bridge and trowing petrol bombs of at the cops and them not being smart enough to wak up the bridge.good times... happy.gif
Never played the first gta's but I dont see how they could be better than the 3d ones.
Bloody Geek
i like the 3D GTA games more
GTA 2 was one of the best originals if you ask me. O.o
i love ALL GTA games. from 1 to san andreas... And i hate the 3d lovers. Hey. F U Ass*#$%s. if it wasn't 4 gta 1 2 and london you would never had your precious polygons.


i remember my friends mockin' me cuz i was playin' 'that stupid game with the sucky graphicks'

Didnt know they made a GTA Half LOL
gta1 and gta2 are really the same games with different missions.
So as gta1 was the first one out ill go for gta1.
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