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El Senor Pollo
I played and completed GTA3 a year or two ago, and I remember Donald disappeared and there was a package. But I can't remember how everything happened. Can someone JUST tell me what happened in the missions for him. I don't want any conspiracy "h0w did teh d0anld die?" crap here. Personally, I think your supposed to fill it in yourself. All I wanna know is what happened during the missions? Refresh my memory.
Young Escobar
1st Mission-You resued some old guy

Waka gashira wipeout- You killed the annoying fuck kenji

A drop in the ocean: You used a speeder to get six pakages which results in a five star wanted level (I cheated)

Grand Theft Areo: Shoreside Vale opened for the first time....You crossed the bridge to the airport. You kill the cartel and go inside the plane you find the package. It isnt there. Then you go to the construction site back in staunton. Kill all them damn cartels. Claude takes....the elevator thing. Claude shoots his gun scaring catalina. She shot miguel and Claude got the package. And Asuka whipped the shit out of miguel.

The escort: You protected the old guy you rescued earlier. While you tailed him. While the guy was in his secruicar.

Decoy: You have to survive 2 and a hlaf minutes in a securicar at a six star wanted level. Its tough as shit.
Don't forget the box that was left on the rooftop...the Pandora Box
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