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I've just finished working on another small modification for the PC version of GTA San Andreas; a Loading Screens Pack. It replaces all 15 of the default loading screens with photos of various areas across the state of San Andreas. There's nothing wrong with the current loading screens, but I think these ones brighten it up somewhat, and it's a bit more interesting waiting to see which area you get when loading your game.

Download From Here

user posted image
not bad, not bad at all. I think I will check this out. Thanks Psy!! smile.gif
I need the pc version. just for stuff like this!!! Excellent work!!:thumb:
Yeh awsome, i like the font to, can someone PM the name to.?

Font is called "Downcome"

Get it at

Thanks for the feedback.
Papa Chulo
Excellent work Psy, what a great idea. Cheers! thumbup.gif

ta! for the font link as well. wink.gif
nice work on the loading screens man, really really nice, i LOVE IT biggrin.gif biggrin.gif thumbup.gif
great screens they a lot better than the boring oringinals
How come the pc version has loading screens? the Ps2 version streams constantly.

This looks like a step backwards.

The PS2 has loading screens too... You know, the ones at the start of the game when it's loading...
QUOTE(Psy @ Jun 22 2005, 10:35 PM)
The PS2 has loading screens too... You know, the ones at the start of the game when it's loading...

yes, but not when you drive from place to place like on vicecity. I don't own the pc version yet, so can someone who does tell me if it has loadinging screens as explained above.

thank you.

Big Fat Negro
The PC version does not have screens when you move to different places, what he means is, THESE will replace what you see at the beginning when you load the game up... Same as the PS2 version.
poor draw distance on them shots
FOR: Psy

Cool Loads Im using them now! I was thinking of doing something like it. Can you please tell me what tools did you use to create this cool load screens!

Man I need the PC version, there's just so many more things on the PC version than on the videogame consoles.
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