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I dunno if this is really a find, a coicidence or anything. But I noticed that, Donald Love is loosely based on Donald Trump.

- Both have the same first names; "Donald"
- They're both business conglomerates ...with probably, multi-million dollar businesses (Love with his Media Network of lies and Trump..with his casinos and shows)
- Both have/had trouble in their history (Love with the photos and Trump with his debts)

So...ya see...these three points, COUNT EM THREE a way, make Donald Love loosely based on Donald Trump. But that's just my theory anyway.

Feel free add your thoughts or if ya feel like flaming it, why not biggrin.gif
they both have ugly combovers
I haven't played GTA 3 in a while so i Dont remember much about Donald Love but his voice reminds me of Ken Rosenburge
Young Escobar
QUOTE(Xcel @ Jun 20 2005, 11:48 AM)
they both have ugly combovers

I made a topic about that on RNF lol. You got that from me.
true comb overs suck.

They should be reserved for Bosses with very little hair.
Bitch Heartless
Its actually a couincidence i always thought there was a connection.
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