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How To Change Default Spawned Cars

Introduction: Lets say you are not happy with the ballas driving the majestic and the tahoma as their default cars, As in the ones you see driving around los santos, Or are you unhappy with grove street members cars? Have no fear rck is here!

Simple open your "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\cargrp.dat" File and don't forget to make a backup!!!.

Now in the file you will see something like this (if it is not edited...)

# file: cargrp.dat
# description: For each type of ped (worker, clubber etc) we maintain a list of the cars they might drive.
# This list is used to pick cars in a very similar way we pick peds.

linerun, packer, taxi, cabbie, mule, bus, coach, rumpo, pony, flatbed, yankee, topfun, cement, towtruck, burrito, boxville, benson, utility, pizzaboy, trash, dft30 # POPCYCLE_GROUP_WORKERS
bravura, taxi, cabbie, premier, securica, elegant, fortune, feltzer, merit, elegant, huntley, zr350, sentinel  # POPCYCLE_GROUP_BUSINESS
buffalo, stretch, taxi, cabbie, coach, flash, sultan, club  # POPCYCLE_GROUP_CLUBBERS
sanchez, walton, rancher, journey, tractor, wayfarer, freeway, linerun, petro  # POPCYCLE_GROUP_FARMERS
taxi, cabbie, bfinject, faggio, glendale, oceanic, mesa, bmx, mtbike, mrwhoop, washing, previon, pcj600, cadrona, sunrise, yosemite, bravura, primo     # POPCYCLE_GROUP_BEACHFOLK
taxi, cabbie, bfinject, faggio, glendale, mesa, bmx, mtbike, washing, previon, pcj600, cadrona, yosemite, bravura, primo     # POPCYCLE_GROUP_PARKFOLK
stretch, buffalo, elegant, premier, stratum, infernus, cheetah, banshee, freeway, zr350, comet, supergt, fcr900, windsor, jester, elegy, broadway, stafford, huntley, taxi, cabbie, alpha, slamvan, euros, phoenix, emperor               # POPCYCLE_GROUP_CASUAL_RICH
taxi, cabbie, premier, elegant, fortune, bobcat, primo, landstal, bravura, washing, previon, admiral, solair, pcj600, blistac, nebula, cadrona, vincent, sunrise, yosemite, stratum, bf400, emperor, tahoma, picador, bmx, tornado, euros, sentinel            # POPCYCLE_GROUP_CASUAL_AVERAGE
esperant, bobcat, sabre, regina, virgo, greenwoo, willard, clover, sadler, intruder, primo, bike, bravura, remingtn, hermes, camper, stallion, tahoma, picador, bmx, moonbeam, newsvan               # POPCYCLE_GROUP_CASUAL_POOR  
peren, blade, clover # POPCYCLE_GROUP_CRIMINALS
stretch, broadway, bobcat  # POPCYCLE_GROUP_SERVANTS
bravura, washing, previon, admiral, solair, pcj600, blistac, nebula, cadrona, vincent, sunrise, yosemite, uranus, stratum, bf400, emperor, wayfarer # POPCYCLE_GROUP_AIRCREW
turismo, hustler, bullet, buffalo, stretch, taxi, cabbie, coach, flash, sultan, club # POPCYCLE_GROUP_ENTERTAINERS
mule, rumpo, pony, flatbed, yankee, topfun, cement, burrito, boxville, benson, utility, dft30, forklift   # POPCYCLE_GROUP_OUT_OF_TOWN_FACTORY
sanchez, walton, rancher, wayfarer, freeway, petro, rdtrain    # POPCYCLE_GROUP_DESERT_FOLK
baggage, tug, forklift # POPCYCLE_GROUP_AIRCREW_RUNWAY
majestic, tahoma                # Gang 1 (BALLAS - BLACK)
greenwoo, savanna, voodoo            # Gang 2 (FAMILIES - PLAYER - BLACK)
oceanic, tornado, hermes                 # Gang 3 (LSV - MEX)
sabre, stallion, blade                 # Gang 4 (SFR - MEX)
buccanee, manana, tampa                  # Gang 5 (DNB - VIETS)
sentinel, admiral, feltzer              # Gang 6 (ITALIAN MAFIA)
sultan, stratum, elegy             # Gang 7 (TRIAD)
hermes, broadway, glendale             # Gang 8 (VLA - MEX)
sentinel                                                             # Gang 9 (UNUSED)
sentinel                                                             # Gang 10 (UNUSED)
rancher                                                              # Dealers
squalo, speeder, reefer, tropic, coastg, dinghy, marquis, jetmax   # Boats
clover, peren, manana, moonbeam, previon, rumpo, glendale, oceanic, hermes, virgo, greenwoo, buccanee, willard, remingtn, hustler, intruder, broadway, tornado, primo, tampa, tahoma, savanna # Cheat1 (shit cars)
buffalo, infernus, cheetah, banshee, hotknife, turismo, zr350, comet, supergt, bullet, uranus, jester, sultan, elegy, flash, euros, club, phoenix # Cheat2 (fast cars)
pcj600, fcr900, bf400 # Cheat3 (ninja)
hotknife, tug, mrwhoop, pizzaboy, hotdog, bfinject, caddy, quad, bandito, kart, mower  # Cheat4 (funhouse)

Now of course you can read it (unless you are an illiterate), Now you can see the cars names and the groups names so lets say I want to change groves (aka the FAMILIES) cars,

greenwoo, savanna, voodoo            # Gang 2 (FAMILIES - PLAYER - BLACK)

Now I would change the greenwoo, savanna, voodoo to the cars that I want, Lets say I want the pcj600, fcr900, bf400 I would delete the past text and add in the new cars making it

pcj600, fcr900, bf400            # Gang 2 (FAMILIES - PLAYER - BLACK)

Make sure you have the names right before you type them in, Seeing as adding in a wrong name will just freeze the game.

Now the groups labled:

# Cheat1 (shit cars)
# Cheat2 (fast cars)
# Cheat3 (ninja)
# Cheat4 (funhouse)

Are obviosly the cheats that were released, Now you can change the cars that are spawned when you do that. So you can even create your own theme, How about an all plane theme smile.gif, Also just for you to know. The planes drive on the ground and do not take off, They do however crash into each other alot.

Here is a picture of the "hydra theme"
user posted image

Now something else you should know, Police, ambulance's and firetruck's FREEZE the game.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know and I will respond a.s.a.p.

Attached is a copy of the cargrp.dat file in txt format:

Please Do Not Redistribute This FAQ, Without Asking me first I am an ok guy if you ask, but please do not claim this faq as your work, I figured this out for myself, So I will take action if I found out someone did.

Any questions can be forwarded to my email, rckman [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you for reading, Have a nice day!
Figured it out myself also, but it's a good guide for noobs
Noobs..thats one thing to call them , eh? rolleyes.gif
makes yourself sound like a nerd.

Hm but this is easy to edit clap.gif
an interesting sideeffect of this is that these are the vehicles that the enemy gangs use for cover in "our hood is under attack" scenarios...

and since i added a bicykle to the ballas lineup of vehicles, i just had a fight where they "blocked off" the street using amongst other things a bicykle... hehehehe
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