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Mech: Oh for the love of god. Vendetta, what in god's creationism are you doing?

Vendetta: *Big mime picture*

Mech: What the fuck does that symbolize?

Vendetta: user posted image

Mech: Oh for fucks sake, If you keep doing this shit, I am reporting you to Psy.

Vendetta: user posted image

Mech: Ok ok ok damn. I won't report you but will you stop please?

Vendetta: user posted image

Mech: Ill give you a handjob...

Vendetta: user posted image

Mech: Ill take that as a yes...

*Few minutes later*

Vendetta: user posted image

Mech: user posted image

Kerryn: P4yn3, can you please control your alter ego?

P4yn3: What alter ego?

*L4m3 runs in*

L4m3: Work must be done on site or else failure will ensue from n00bs.

P4yn3: Da fuck did he just say?

L4m3: Anakin, must crude language be used?

P4yn3: For fucks sake, Kerryn. You slept with someone again.

Kerryn: I DID NOT!

P4yn3: DID TOO!

Kerryn: I DID NOT!

P4yn3: DID TOO!

*Kerryn throws vase at P4yn3*


Kerryn: Pain did it!

Psy: You little shits, ill kill you!

L4m3: Unnecessary is violence, the key is to peace.

Psy: Dude, speak english.

L4m3: Fuck it, I am trying to speak backwards tounge to get some chicks and all I get is fucking disrespected. *Leaves*

*Street corner*

Pyro: What the fuck are you doing in a wookie costume?

Fan: Waiting.

Pyro: For what?

Fan: Star Wars Episode 7: Revenge Of Padme!

Pyro: Oh for fucks sake, When does it come out?

Fan: August of 2010

Pyro: So why are you here?

Fan: I want to be the eariliest person in.

Pyro: And you have nothing else to do?

Fan: Conventions?

Pyro: Look, you don't have to worry about being the 1st in line, I am sure people won't line up in tents until summer of two thousand...

*Bus of Star Wars nerds roar in*
*Nerds set up camp*

Pyro: ...10

Nerd: Only 1549 days, 7 months, 5 days and 22 seconds till Episode 7. w00t!

*Los Angeles Convention Center*

VCDL: Hello? Wheres E3?

Janitor: E3 is over, son.

VCDL: Over?! But but but...I got to unravel the mystery of this bommerang controller adult anal toy thing.

Janitor: Ahh, its Satan's Vibrator!

VCDL: Satan's what?

Janitor: Satan's vibrator. Look, I got some inside info. I overheard the president of Sony was using this new controller design*looks around* appeal to the female demographic!


VCDL: My god! What am I to do?

Janitor: Go to the castle of Aries and find the Regginator...

Miaymoto: NINTENDO PLUG!!!!!!

VCDL: The Regginator?

Janitor: Yes, he is capable of destroying this confined controller that is Satan's Vibrator.

VCDL: But but what about the God Of War?

Janitor: Aries IS the god of war!

Kratos: SHAMELESS SCEA PLUG!!!....oh and the god of war you're referring to is "Ares". Spelled with no I. As in no I in team.

VCDL: Ok, I shall find this god of Aries. In the meantime, where the fuck is the bathroom? I ate a burrito and I am squirting chilli dog matter like crazy.

Janitor: Down the hall, to your left. Oh, and don't open the last stall.

VCDL: Why?

Janitor: I caught a bunch of horny nerd copping a feel to the booth babes so I locked them in the bathroom. They should be dead by now.


G33K: Ash, for the last fucking time! QUIT POKING THE DOG!

Ash: Damnit, G33K! I am recording the voice recognition! Ok boy, talk dirty to me!

Dog: Ruff!

Ash: Yeah, I like it rough.

*Dog chomps on Ash's groin*


Gnick: What are you faggots doing?

G33K: What are you doing? Aren't you supposed to be antagonizing your many enemies and bitch about the school systems of today's society?

Gnick: I will have you know that it is Knuckles' job to bitch about the school system, not me. Besides, aren't you supposed to be posting unfunny shit in Spam?

Jay-and-Bob: Thats my job, bastard.

Gnick: Ok, so what is Ash's job?

Jay-and-Bob: Hes unemployed.

Gnick: ...


*Donnie pops out of Five Star's Box*

Donnie: My line, bitch!

Five Star: No, you MY bitch. Now get down and keep tattooing my uterus walls.

Donnie: Yes, sir!

DelinQuent: *awakens from slumber* Hey, differentperson, whacha working on?

differentperson: anti-immigrant gun. Its capable of night and thermal vision, A range of 800 yards, and has a point system...

DQ: Uhhh, point system?

differentperson: observe.

illegal: Wheres that damn el-fountain-o?

*DP shoots illegal and gets 10 points*

DQ: 10 points?

DP: You get 20 points for killing two illegals and 45 for a whole family.

DQ: You're so racist!

DP: I am not racist, I hate everyone equally!

*Aries' Castle*

Miyamoto: Sony must not get to us, sir!


*VCDL knocks on door*

VCDL: Regginator, are you there?

Strange Midget: Yes?

VCDL: Are you Regginator?

Midget: Do you know the password?

VCDL: No one spoke of a password?

Midget: No shit, sherlock. Why do you think they call it a password?

VCDL: Whats the password?

Midget: I can't tell you.

VCDL: You got some lip on you little one...

Midget: Well, these lips were o your wife last night!

VCDL: I don't have a wife...

Midget: You may enter...


Midget: Nah, The only way to get through is to own me in a smartass comment contest. You're the 2nd to beat me.

VCDL: Who was the 1st?

Midget: Some douche by the name of "Fire Hazard" or "Pyro Charizard".

*Melbourne PD*

Kerryn: Excuse me, but when I get applications for getting a job at the federal police agency?

Officer: EL OH EL!


Officer: Pooned. we are both going to be officers of the law. LAM-OH!

Kerryn: Can you just please give me my damn application so I can be on my way?

Officer: I will but you are going to have to do a leet strip search for me. On your knees, butt naked pee ell zee! LAUGH OUT LOUD! Ecks Dee!

Kerryn: Did that little asshole Pyro set this up?

Officer: The only asshole I see is yours when I penetrate it. UBER POONED! Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!

NCP: Jeb, I signed it in. Now, can I have it back?

Kerryn: NCP, what are you doing?

NCP: Getting my marijuana back.

Kerryn: FROM HERE?!

NCP: My super powered windmill blew it away.

Officer: EH OH EL, it was on CNN. He was a little bitch crying on TV. Pooned.

Kerryn: SHUT UP! >_<

Officer: Here it is, boy. I hope you smoke all of it bee number four it blows away again. Tee Tee Why Ell! Kay Tee H Ecks BAI!

*Kerryn backhands Officer Jeb*

Officer: Owowowowowow. EL OH EL OH. Ok ok, here is your application but can I restrain you then cuff...

Kerryn: NO!

Officer: Bruned! >_<

ON THE NEXT KICKIN IT! Urban war ensues when CRASH clashes with Miguel and friends in the most dramatic scene in a shitty skit yet! R-I finds out the true Catnip and Psy starves to death from modding GTASA PC way too much. Plus a shocking twist that will leave you breathless!
What the hell is this? It's fricking awesome. Funny shit man. Nice job.
lol I see you still do these.. it's been a while.

Funny shit.
Sexellent Pyro, as per usual laugh.gif
hmmmm.... this one seems to be lacking something...

still funny shit tho smile.gif
lol. Nice one Pyro.
nice work, good as always, and R-I dont say something was missing just because you wern't in it, ungratful person, be glad youv'e been in one at all.
My windmill brings all the girls to the yard.
i, too, felt left out :-(. raycist foo.
but yeah funny.
Woo hoo, Im gonna be starring in the next one!

ps-I saved that 'jackin' smiley right away.
All I can say is
UBER POONED! Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!
i added all of those smileys to my collection straight away. my fave bit out of that one was when ncp said that his super powered windmill blew his marijuana away. user posted image
user posted image
Nic Nix
Not the best I've seen. They used to be sooo much funnier on but still good...

... And I feel so alone and abused sad.gif I'm never famous any more.
QUOTE(Vendetta @ Jun 17 2005, 01:41 AM)
user posted image

Me too...Me too....

Well, its your fault for making those emoticons. Dont blame me. Its your fault. mad.gif

*mutters to self*
damn americans and their obscurity....
Good one, I wonder if I am going to be in the next one
Its all about CRASH. So Mr.Sexy, Elmo, Omegacryin and Miguel P4yn3 (Pain -- Bain) will definetly be in there. Maybe you SoW.....maybe...
I hope i get in one eventually. Not the best youve done but still funny.
Nice to see business has resumed as usual

funny shit pyro smile.gif
QUOTE(PyroHazard @ Jun 16 2005, 12:37 AM)
*Few minutes later*

Vendetta:  user posted image

hehe...Nice stuff there Pryo...
Why do people think that other people really care about conversations they've had?
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