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Iím going to show you how to add the eye animation found in my sig.

Step 1. Get a sig that will fit the animation. (Splinter Cell, Riddick or whatever you see fit. Remember to choose a fitting colour for the eyes)

Step 2. Create a new layer and fill it with black. Create an other layer and place two white spots (Or green if itís splinter Cell)

Step 3. Go to blending options choose outer glow. Change the colour to a bit paler then the eyes. Play around with the other stuff.

user posted image

Step 4. Duplicate the eye layer. Go to filter> render> lens flare. Change brightness to 74%. Use what ever effect you want to.

user posted image

Step 5. Repeat step four, but make the brightness lower (I chose 60%)

user posted image

Step 6. Same as before but lighter (I used 45%)


REMEMBER: The lens flare must on top of the eyes.

Step 6. Duplicate the sig and the eye layer and place them on top. Select the eye duplicate and change blending mode to screen. Merge down. go to adjustments>Brightness contrast. Brightness: Ė85 Contrast +37

user posted image

Step 7. Repeat step 6, but make it lighter. (Brightness Ė35, Contrast +35)

user posted image

REMEMBER: The eyes must be visible on the darkened sig layers. Also feel free to change the contrast if itís to light.
EDIT: I have been told that the conrast looks different on other pictures. Just play arround till you get something you like

Step 8. Jump to image ready. Make eight animation frames

Frame 1: Original sig
Frame 2: Black layer with biggest lens flare.
Frame 3: Layer with smaller lens flare.
Frame 4: Layer with smallest lens flare
Frame 5: The eyes.
Frame 6: The darkest layer.
Frame 7. The lighter layer.
Frame 8: The original sig

Step 9. Add some delay

Frame 1: 1 sec
Frame 2: 0,1 sec
Frame 3: 0,1 sec
Frame 4: 0,1 sec
Frame 5: 1,0 sec
Frame 6: 0,1 sec
Frame 7: 0,1 sec
Frame 8: 2 sec

Save optimised as and you are done.

If you have any questions, please ask.

EDIT: If you want to add more frames
nice i did everything you said but there is a problem with your brightness and contrast suggestions they are not always right for different types of images
Woohoo! It's on good tutorials
Congrats on G-T

Your sigs are really getting good
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