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How can I play GTA San Andreas in a window? I keep getting an error saying that it can't find 800x600 32-bit mode (even though I've changed my desktop to meet that). I think playing in windowed mode might help.

Any way to force graphics options? I can't get in the game to change anything!!!
Well, I'm not getting that error anymore, but it's not working on my HDTV still. I have an ATI 600xt, 3.2 Intel chip, lots o' RAM.

I can get this to work on my monitor, but not my HDTV (which is where I prefer to play it!).

Any help out there?
Oh yeah, and the reason why I want to play in windowed mode is because other games that I've previously had problems with, seem to work fine in windowed mode.

I really want to play this thing from my couch, and not from the floor next to my TV where I have my monitor temporarily hooked up.

Tell me how to enable windowed mode PLEASE!!
have you tries changing the resolution in game, while hovering above it use the middle mouse scrolly thing to change the resolution then click when you see the one you want.

hope this helps
right click on your san andreas desktop icon and click properties.

now in the box that says "target" put a space at the end and copy and paste the following after the file location:

-small_screen -windowed

so it should look like this:

"C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe" -small_screen -windowed

click apply then click ok.

now run the game using this desktop icon and san andreas should now run in windowed mode.

hope this helps!
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