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I cant wait for San Andreas on XBOX. I just Bought Double Pack today. I need GTA!. ive played them on my ps2(sold) before. I have one problem. Is it only me or the texture loading on GTA III is farked up. Building/Road textures dont load up/ or loads up very late. I end up crahsing on things i dont see. Vice City is alright tho. Is it normal? or is my disc bad. Or is my lense weak.??

That happened to me on my Xbox version, all I did was had the lens cleaned..I just took a CD cleaner and also cleaned the game, and it was ok after that...
how do we clean the lense w/o opening the xbox?
I got a lens cleaner disc from RadioShack, (im sure you can get it anywhere else that sells electronics) and it came with some cleaner and a disc. Put the disc in the Xbox with some cleaner stuff on it and let it run for about 5 mins...

Its just like when you clean a VCR with that cleaning tape, but only with a disc...
how many times can you use the disk
As many times as you want...
Well that's not solely an XBox thing. That kinda thing happens with all consoles, although not often with PC, since the technology is quite old and even GTA3 is an advanced game.
The Demon
I had this but I think it was because my disc was old and warn out maybe.
I put my disk in the freezer for a few seconds and then wipe it, it seems to work well
Happens. Even on San Andreas. If you "overload" it, or if your game disc or console is screwed up, it'll happen.
It's a bastard when you're flying the dodo around liberty city and a builiding or a bridge appears from nowhere and you crash into it...
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