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Creating An Abstract Render, By DuPz0r

There are many ways of creating abstract renders, because they're abstract, there isn't a specific way of making them.

This is how i would go about making a simple one.
I'll show you the process involved, and Then you can use them as brushes, or just use them in your work.

This should only take about 5-10 minutes to make.

Step 1:
Well the most obvious thing would be, your going to need a 3d program to do this.
3D Studio Max, Blender 3D, Maya are just a couple of the populer ones.

Step 2:
Well, as i'm using 3dsmax, and you could be using something else, your going to have to know the basics about what your using.

Step 3:
Ok, lets start.
Create a Sphere, in the middle of the grid.
user posted image

Step 4:
Make your sphere about 22cm (you don't have to, but try to keep it small for now.)
And Give it about 40 Segments.
user posted image

Step 5:
Right Click your sphere, and click Convert to> Editable Poly (basicly turn it into an editable polygon mesh.)
user posted image

Step 6:
On your Modify Window to the right, open the Editable Poly submenu, and click on polygon. This will allow you to edit the sphere's polygons.
user posted image

Step 7:
Using your mouse and holding the Control key, click on a thew polygons.
user posted image

Step 8:
Once you've picked some, Right click and choose Extrude, this will bring the polygons out, whilst making new ones for the new faces.
user posted image

It should look something like this:
user posted image

Step 9:
Keeping the polys Selected, Right click once again, and this time choose Bevel.
user posted image

Make the ends spikey, Like This:
user posted image

Step 10:
Select Your spikes, and right click again, choose rotate.
user posted image

Step 11: Using This tool, move the spikes in random directions, untill you are happy with your shape.
user posted image

Step 12:
Now on your modify window, choose Vertex (this will allow you to modify all the corners)
user posted image

Step 13:
Pick some of the vertices, from the spike ends, or from where ever you want.
Using the Extrude Tool (right click> Extrude) Mess around with the vertices untill you like what you see.
user posted image

Step 14:
In the bottom right corner click the min/max toggle for the perspective window, so you have a lagre view of the render.
user posted image

Step 15:
Using the arc rotate tool at the bottom right corner, move the 3d model around, till you find a good viewing perspective.
user posted image

Step 16:
Change the color of the render to something bright, so it doesn't blend with the background (unless its already a bright color)
by clicking on the color box at the top of the modify panel.
user posted image

Step 17:
Click on the Rendering Button along the main toolbar at the top, to bring up the rendering window.
user posted image

Step 18:
Now click on the button at the bottom that says render, this will render your abstract model.
user posted image

Step 19:
Print Screen, bring your render up in Photoshop, and cut your render out.
user posted image

Step 20:
Make your render grey again, by removing the saturation.
user posted image

Step 21:
Save your render, and now you can use it as you wish.

Here's a couple of examples:

great tut 8/10
Fanatica Unleashed
Thats complicated... But a great tut! 8/10

I'll get hold of one of those 3D programs then I'll have a go myself!
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